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Glass shop in Tacoma, Wa

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I just picked up a big rock chip in my windshield and want to replace it with OEM glass to keep the logos. Does anyone have any recommendations for a shop in Tacoma that does high quality work?
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I've used Safelite down on South Tacoma way on my last Jeep. I'm pleased with them but prefer Auto Glass Professionals in Olympia. Oh and IN before this gets moved to regional!
Same thing happened to me 3-4 weeks ago.
Priced out the non logo windows at $228 vs. $390 for the window with the decals. At Auto Glass Pros in Olympia.
I got the cheaper one and found the decals for $17 on amazon.

In Tacoma, on South Tacoma Way.

Thanks for the help. We had the glass replaced at South Tacoma Glass. Excellent results with OEM glass. They would not do the Optic Armor as it is not DOT approved, but when (not if) it breaks again, I will look into JeepGlass.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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