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My seven-year-old Weber Summit E/S-650 has been a strong performer. This is the extra large model w/ six burners, an IR cover burner and a side burner for a pan.

My model has a stainless cover, stainless side tables, stainless doors and a large stainless drip tray. My model has a large cast aluminum cook box. My model has a steel panel box frame.

My home has a salt water canal in the back yard. The two steel side panels rusted / rotted out at the bottom, where the wheels attach. Those both required purchasing replacement parts from the manufacturer. The steel bottom and rear panel both needed light spot sanding on some rust spots and painting. The manufacturer tied my proximity to salt water for the rust failures.

The chrome-plated parts now have some minor chrome peeling / pitting. Those are the door handles, the side table handles and the trim rings on the lid handle.

The original Weber heavy duty cover finally disintegrated in the south Florida sun. It was replaced w/ the new-style lightweight Weber cover. The new style cover is much better.

The grill is always covered when not in-use. The grill is always fully cleaned and fully polished after every usage. The grill always looks brand new, with the exception of the minor chrome peeling / pitting. The stainless polishes up GREAT w/ Nevr Dull, followed by stainless "baby wipes".

Mine has the old-style weight-type tank scale. It has never worked well to indicate propane content.

There is ZERO HESITATION for me to recommend my Weber grill. It cooks great. It is easy to use. It looks great. The construction is top notch.
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