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Fuel Pump Relay can you know it was done? Need help.

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Quick question for anyone that got the Fuel pump relay recall do you know it was done?
Is there an obvious way to tell? Is there an extra relay coming from the TIPM, or something you can physically see with your eyes?
I thought I saw some pictures of a new relay box Jeep technicians put in front of the TIPM as a separate box. Maybe I am wrong.
Can someone please clarify for me?
Pictured is my current TIPM...and I can't see anything was done to it. I thought the recall calls for an external fuel pump relay outside the TIPM? I don't see one in my picture below.

Thank you for the help. I really appreciate it. :cheers2:

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It's the black thing to the left of the silver TIPM cover, as you're looking under the hood. (Or black thing at the bottom, the way the photo uploaded.)
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