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Fuel Pump Relay can you know it was done? Need help.

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Quick question for anyone that got the Fuel pump relay recall do you know it was done?
Is there an obvious way to tell? Is there an extra relay coming from the TIPM, or something you can physically see with your eyes?
I thought I saw some pictures of a new relay box Jeep technicians put in front of the TIPM as a separate box. Maybe I am wrong.
Can someone please clarify for me?
Pictured is my current TIPM...and I can't see anything was done to it. I thought the recall calls for an external fuel pump relay outside the TIPM? I don't see one in my picture below.

Thank you for the help. I really appreciate it. :cheers2:

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Hey Rob...just an update as of today. It stalled yet again coming off the freeway, and merging into traffic! Completely freaked me out! It was a total loss of steering and braking! This is totally unacceptable.
If this had been winter...I would have slid right into oncoming traffic!

The dealer trained technician didn't fix a thing after having it for 3 straight days, and doing drivability tests, and looking at all the wiring! Came up with nothing...and now it happened to me again today...stalled!
How is this going to be resolved?
@Brewcity73 -
I'm having the same issue with my 2011 Grand Cherokee.
All recalls have been done, and I am still having the stalling issue.


It's stall multiple times since the SECOND relay has been replaced.
It happened crossing a busy highway and the Jeep stalled WITHOUT warning. Cars coming from both directions...the gap is closing in on you to get your Jeep in park, restart, and get the hell out of the way before getting T-Boned. Practically ****ting my pants!

I've also had it while turning left across the oncoming lane of traffic and the Jeep stalls, again, NO WARNING, beside the power steering goes out and you have to hope you have enough strength to steer it out of the way to you don't get hit head on.

Yeah, this happens ALL.THE.TIME. Even after this "recall". This is ridiculous and NEEDS to be fixed the correct and the noble way!

From my understanding, Chrysler just put a "bypass" on this issue with the relay replacement. When in all reality, the TIPM needs to be replaced. This needs to be fixed!

I am so tempted to trade the Jeep in, but then again, if I do that, I have the guilt of the vehicle being sold like that and someone else having the same fricken issue and scenarios as I do!

I think it's disgusting what Chrysler is doing, just fix the damn thing the correct and legit way!
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