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FS: Chrysler|Jeep 8.25" Heavy Duty Rear Diff Cover and Gasket- SOLD

I have a brand new never used SOLID Axle Industries diff cover and LubeLocker gasket for an 8.25" rear diff. Fits WK and XK's that do NOT have QuadraDrive-II (I found out the hard way). However, it should fit QuadTrac rear ends just fine.

I sanded down the clear coating over the letters and painted them red using automotive paint. Looks really nice IMHO, but because I painted it, I can't return it. Shipping probably isn't cheap as this cover is pretty stout and heavy, however, I will ship to wherever you need it, as I still have the box and packing material it came in. Comes with all new hardware and the Lubelocker gasket. No need for RTZ. No fuss, no muss. I really really REALLY wish I could use this on my WK with QDII.

I paid $120 for everything, I will sell for $80, plus shipping. 

I am in Southern California and willing to deliver by hand.


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