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I welded on the outside portions of my bumper today. This bumper is my 2nd project since learning to arc weld with an old Sears Craftsman 220V buzz box. Mostly 1/4" plate I used 7018 rods for most of the welding and burned it plenty hot and also did root and cap passes. I ran a bead with a 6011 rod along the entire inside as well also hot to make sure I had good penetration and a very strong union between the subframe and the wings. My welds still look pretty ugly, I am certainly aware of that!

About 6 weeks ago a friend and I built the subframe to hold a winch and tie into the unibody.

I made the outside 'wings' about 10 days ago and they've been drying/hardening in my cold garage and waiting patiently to be burned into the subframe.

Today I welded them in, and painted them up.

I kept the middle portion of the bumper skin as a place holder until I start the next phase of my front bumper

Phase III - mount and wire up the winch, box in the right side of the subframe and make it into a D-ring storage bin, finish the middle using design cues from the OEM bumper.

Progress is slow as work is busy, family is busy, jeeps are never really done.


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