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Fresh start for WJ

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I have had my Jeep since December of 2012. I never really knew much about maintenance or anything to do with vehicles, until I joined the Marines and met my buddies who taught me a lot (as well as a lot of youtube and google):laugh:
I am currently trying to rebuild my Jeep and get him running like new again. I replaced all fluids, except for the front differential and radiator, which I will do in 2 weeks.
I got a bumper to bumper inspection and found out, I have a lot of work ahead of me, but my JEEP is my baby, so it's worth it.
I'm starting by fixing all leaks and replacing all fluids, then I will upgrade all of my worn suspension and steering components, because I have really bad components currently.
Once that is all done, I plan to upgrade the alternator and other battery components, make the engine run smoother and more efficiently, then buy off road and recovery equipment.
When all is said and done, I want Zeus to run like new and be as reliable as possible (for a jeep) :laugh:
This will definitely take awhile, since I am in the military, but once I'm out, I will finish this build rapidly.
Any advice is appreciated!

Here is a list of needed repairs, based on the bumper to bumper inspection (I know how most of it is done. just need to save funds and repair as much as I can at a time):

1. Coolant hose leak (easy)
2. Transfer Case rear output shaft seal (hard)
3. Left rear axle seal (hard)
4. Front Crankshaft seal (hard)
5. All bushings worn
6. Washer fluid does not spray
7. Rear wiper doesn't work
8. Spark Plugs and Fuel injectors (hard)
9. Brake hoses
10. Valve Cover gasket
11. Power Steering hoses
12. Motor Mounts (hard)
13, Door panels don't stay in (clip holders broken)