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Fluids Info

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Ive noticed that a lot of people are confused as to what fluids go where. So here is some Fluid info for jeepers.

Any Corrections or additions are more than welcome. I was looking in the FAQ section and couldnt find this info, Perhaps we can add it?


Quadradrive Equipped:
Front differential: 2.5 pints 75W-140 synthetic and 2.5 oz FM
Rear Differential: 4.75 pints 80W-90 for normal duty use or 75W-140 synthetic for heavy

Most open differentials use 80W-90 or 75W-140 synthetic, synthetic is not necessary but it won't hurt anything if it is used. If your differentials are equipped with LSD's (limited slip differentials, check your build sheet, also found in the FAQ section) then you must add a Friction Modifier in your Differential along with the synthetic gear lube. Generally, add about 2.5oz - 3oz of FM to your differential with the LSD. Fill differential so that the fluid is to the bottom of the filler hole.

Transfer Cases:
Fill transfer case to bottom of fill hole.

249 - QuadraTrac: ATF+ # (+3 is cheaper and preferred, but +4 will work just fine)

147 - QuadraTrac I: Mopar special dealership fluid only.

247 - QuadraTrac II or QuadraDrive (with vari-lock axels): Mopar Special Dealership fluid only. NO ATF+ #

242 - SelecTrac: ATF+ #

231 - CommandTrac: ATF+ #

*Note* ATF+ is Backward compatible ONLY. Meaning, if originally filled with ATF+2, ATF+3 or ATF+4 will work fine. However, ATF+3 should never be used for anything originally filled with ATF+4. You can add ATF+4 to transmissions that have ATF+3 in it already (in other words, mixing is ok) but never mix 3 into 4.


ATF+4 is now used in all transmissions manufactured by Chrysler except for 1999 and earlier minivans with the 41TE/AE transmission. This Service Bulletin DOES NOT apply to all AWD transmissions, Sprinter transmissions, Crossfire transmissions and WG bodies equipped with a W5J400 or NAGI transmission (sales code DGJ).


Engine Oil:

Synthetics or Conventional:
Owner's preference. I've heard that you shouldn't use conventional oil if came equipped from dealer with synthetic, until a certain mileage on the odometer was hit, but I cant remember the numbers. On higher mileage engines synthetics have a tendency to leak out the gaskets and seals. So switching to synthetics for high mileage engines probably isn't recommended.

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Motor oil seems to be fine in the 242. Also, any kind of ATF (including Dexron) is good in everything but the 247 which needs the special fluid from the dealer.
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