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Hi everyone, I am looking at buying a 2009 Wrangler X, the owner shows that it has been taken care of well, and maintained. My main question is that I drive about 15k miles a year and I want to make sure I know what I am getting in to. I don't plan on making any modifications, just keeping it stock and well maintained. When I ran a carfax it showed that in December of 2010 the manufacturer issued a #J31 TRANSMISSION FLUID TEMPERATURE WARNING I am waiting to hear back from the current owner on if they took care of that recall.

Here are the stats I have of the 09 X:
-oil changed every 3k miles
-new pads and rotors replaced 10k miles ago
-new cat converter
-new oil pan installed a few months ago
-it is a salvage title but I have worked with them in the past and am not worried about that

The link to the Wrangler is

I was able to get the price lower than what is listed so this would be a great deal for me, however I am being loaned the money from some family and want to make sure I make a smart investment and don't rush into buying something that I will kick myself later about.

In general I don't plan on doing any heavy duty off roading, this is mostly for getting on some fire roads and trails where i can get to some nice lakes for fishing. I will also be using this on the highway to travel 50% of the time, 30% on light to medium trails, and 20% street driving. I am looking for anything to look out for, anything I should check on arrival when I inspect the Jeep, and any suggestions that can help give me a peace of mind. I know that they aren't great at gas mileage and can have their quirks. However I have read about people having problem with high transmission fluid temp, shaking when reversing uphill (in an automatic), heater core issues, etc. I'd appreciate any information that you guys can send my way!
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