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Faulty TIPM Module?

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A couple of weeks ago my door locks stopped working. I couldn't lock or unlock my doors from the keyfob or from the switch on the doors. When I used my keyfob my horn would still honk and the lights would still flash but nothing from the actual locks. I was finally able to take it into my mechanic this week and he thought it was the master door switch located under the driver door panel. He switched that out and the locks still didn't work. He said he then spent a good deal of time on the phone with Chrysler and they said that I must have a short in the TIPM module (Totally Integrated Power Module). He then said that Chrysler said unfortunately this was a known problem in Chrysler vehicles and because of this the part was on national backorder and they didn't know when it would become available. So long story short I had to pay my mechanic $100 this week to diagnose a problem that he supposedly can't fix.

My question is has anyone else had this problem or know if this is the correct solution. He said that when the part is available it is a $350 part plus labor to fix which seems obscene to me and I'm about to start making some very angry phone calls to Chrysler to let them know how happy I am with there product.

Thanks in advance.
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just got mine replaced
my head lights stoped working 2010 50k miles
have extended warranty

2H LABOR AT $120 TOTAL 240

i know someone that removed the timp and cleaned all the connections and working back again

many threads on possessed jeeps, rams, 300's Chrysler knows, and they also know thet can make big bucks out if it... is one of the repairs that only the dealership can that care of, so they name the price and you need to pay for it.
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