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this should be done with the Clock springs. they did recall them but ONLY 08-12 and ONLY the RIGHT hand drive and only in the USA. All Left hand drive use the same flawed part and will fail for the same reasons. During that investigation it was determined that we Left hand drive Jeep NEVER would see dusty road. DUST was found to be the issue. But it get worse, water can cause these thing to short as well. In most cases the its just the airbag wont function. There is also the possibility it will go off. I was the luck one that it just went off. Jeep pulled the data from the Black box with my permission and had a Bosch tech come and pull the data from the SRS system recorder. They found that the Jeep had NO incident to record. The only fault was the code for driver side airbag wiring. They had my jeep for 4 weeks. to tell me that they felt that it was somehow my fault from one of the modification, no specific. Jeep said the general mods lift tires bumpers. BUT if that caused the srs to deploy the bags it WOULD have recorded it as crash event. It was the clock spring that they NEVER even looked at. When the airbag goes off the seat belts SHOULD go off BEFORE the airbag to pull you back. mine did NOT since the system never deployed it. when this happened my arm was crossing the steering wheel and was broken.

Right hand Jeeps the fix for the mail jeeps was some kind of dust shield to limit the dust intrusion to the clock spring that is a OPEN thin grease covered tape wire. I reported this to the NTHSB(?). but unless people die that is like howling at the moon. Jeep never fixed this issue on our 012. since replacing the same defect parts with more defective parts is the definition of insanity. We removed all the airbags and seat belts and had to replace that with a true 5 point harness and seats that are designed for them.

Jeep might have fixed this IF i was not injured but the second they found this out. it went straight to their lawyers. The lawyers i talked to said it was just to costly to do this for a broken arm.........

Best of luck with fighting the machine. We had a saying once upon a time. "It don't mean nothin, not a thing"
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