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ETC and ESC light issue; San Diego Mechanic Advice

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Hey all,

I was hoping to get pointed in the right direction in San Diego. I have tried two dealerships, Jack Powell, carl burger. Called and spoke with MIT drivetrain who i am a fan of (place that did my lift) and Off road warehouse on Balboa.

Does anyone know a proper Jeep Jk guru in the area that might be able to assist me with ETC/ ESC issues i have been having with my jeep.

2014 jeep wrangler jku
AEV 3.5 lift and AEV pintler wheels
35" BFG KO2 tires. 36700 miles (700 over warranty)

ESC light coming on then ETC. causes jeep to go into limp mode. Gas light randomly comes on. Not consistent power when using throttle.

P061A level 2 torque performance, C121C torque request signal denied, U0401 Implausible data received from ECM/PCM... are the codes.

Have had 2 mechanics all pointing to go to dealership...too complicated for their fix. place i bought the jeep (carl burger) told me the lift was too high. (not true)

2nd dealer(Jack Powell) said the tires are too big for the Chrysler programmer to reprogram 35 tires to run diagnostics. (could this be true?) Also blaming the AEV Procal which could be causing the software on the jeep to fail. ( i don't believe to be true). They said to bring it to off road warehouse. ORW said they can't help unless software flash/reset. Dealer doesn't want to do reset cause it might fry computer or cause jeep to not work. Called jack powell back then they said bring it to DSI 4 Wheel parts. Manager at Jack Powell (Matthew) mentioned he cant find anything wrong with it when his diagnostics run communications. I mentioned the codes and he said yea we found those. This is all not adding up and might seem like they are pawning off the issue to someone else so that warranty claim wouldn't be under them. Hoping for guidance.

I know im over 700 miles but come on dealers, some assistance nonetheless would help me get my DD back.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated
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Thanks for the reply Jeebs! I ordered the car from the factory so I got it at 6 miles on the .

Update; Was recommended to try a software update on the jeep. I asked the dealer to do it and it seems to have worked for now but time will tell.
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