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Engine Swap Question

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I am new not only to this forum but to the world of "building" in general; I have an important question!
I currently own a 1998 Grand Cherokee Limited with the 5.9L V8. This car is my soul mate, my baby, my one true love as it has been in the family since it was built and this was the car I learned to drive on. However, with time things are falling apart and there has been an increase in car related crimes in my area (my converter just got stolen so it has been sitting undriven and it makes me so sad). I do not have the money to keep fixing and replacing parts, and I have been wanting to upgrade for a while.
SO that brings me to my question! My dream car is a Wrangler, the one I'm looking at is a 2013 Rubicon two door. It currently has a 3.6L in it; could I swap it for my 5.9? I'm spoiled having had that engine for so long, and I also think it would be a spectacular mod. Would it fit? How much would it cost? I have all of the questions lol I look forward to feedback!
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Welcome to JF! On your Q... I don't know where you are, but most US states do not allow older motors to be swapped into newer vehicles. Motor emission levels decrease over the years.
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