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Product Information
Price $350
Rating 2
Average Price $303
Manufacturer Edelbrock
Recommended Yes: 1 / No: 0
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forget wasting tons of money on fuel injection. this carb is awesome. after having and edelbrock 1406 on my 401 i was ready for an offroad carb- it stalled out on molehills. the other morning it was 10 degrees and the truck started right up- choke worked perfectly and ran well. when the secondaries kick in it really moves. also, offroad it can climb up and down anything that a vehicle can handle without stalling. i even parked it on a 30+ degree slope and it stayed running like it was flat ground. i was going to get a holley truck avenger 670 but the edelbrock was cheaper and has easier startup as well as rod/ jet changes. couldnt be happier. plus it mounted to my performer intake in less than 5 minutes and ran with factory tune for a couple daystil i took the 5 minutes to change the jets
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