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DUI Distributor and relayed power supply

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Ok, I am a little baffled with this one. My jeep is an 86 CJ-7 and I installed a DUI distributor. Works great, I recommend it. Anyway, to get the full constant voltage to the distributor, I wired in a relay just as described here: Classic Inlines - DUI Distributor Installation

I basically used the main red/white ignition wire going into the ignition module as 12 volt power to activate the relay when the ignition switch comes on. I also ran a 10 guage wire from the battery to the relay to be connected to the distributor when the ignition switch is on and the relay closes. Works great, runs great, just won't cut off when I turn off the ignition switch! I don't get it. The only way I can shut off the jeep is to disconnect that main 10 guage wire from the battery. I need an electrical engineer to help me with this one.

Any suggestions?

This is my relay wiring:

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Just added a tach to my DUI setup as well. This is the wiring diagram supplied. I used the tach output from the dizzy and sourced new keyed power and ground.
That's a aftermarket tach. The factory tachs are engine specific, meaning there was a different tach for 4, 6, and 8 cylinder engines. And they are a current triggered tach wired in-series with the ignition system. Yours isn't.

Unfortunately, I can't answer Clark's question as I've never messed with a HEI system on a Jeep. Sorry.

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