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Does anyone know what Jeep this rim

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Does any Jeep detectives here know which Jeep this rim belonged to? It came on my off road trailer I purchased. The rim has 5x5.5 bolt distance and is 17” diameter and 8” width. I am looking to purchase a spare rim for the trailer but it has been hard to find as I can’t identify what other rims may even fit! Thank you to all you Jeep detectives out there for helping me out.
Niki, Utah
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This is so helpful!
What a great knowledge base here. I appreciate you all. I’ll see if I can’t find some kinda spare. Any ideas where to start looking?
Glad we could help! Try Craigslist and Marketplace. Those rims are less common to find (only came for 2 model years I think), but when you do find them they’re usually very inexpensive. Usually it’s someone that bought a Wrangler, and wants to change the wheels out… And there’s not too many people looking for the stock wheels, so they don’t ask much money for them.
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