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Do you ever get frustrated at dispatch?

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Our dispatch center is usually pretty solid, or at least seems like they are ahead of the curve. Lately we have had a string of botched calls that have me head scratching.


Alpha (non-urgent) sick person call, flu-like symptoms. Turned out to be a known diabetic headed into coma.

Code 1 lifting assistance. Turned into a code 3 transport for CVA.

2 vehicle MVA. No big deal, except they dispatched our neighboring department from 12 miles away.

Code 3 vehicle overturned i
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Our comm center has its moments. Here lately they have been on a kick with dispatching it as unconscious and then the update when we go responding is conscious and breathing, WTF??? I swear they sometimes just randomly pick a call type and start toning people out. They are also good about telling us to stand by on a working structure fire while they talk to a EMS unit who trying to go complete or BS like that.
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