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DIY Door Cart Write-up

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I've seen a few out there, but thought I'd post my own... Pretty simple...

Parts List:
- (4) 30" 2x6
- (2) 18" 2x6
- (2) 4" 2x4
- (2) Furniture Dolly ($20 at Home Depot)
- (26) #10 3" Wood screws

Tools Required:
- Screw Gun
- Circular Saw

It's pretty straight forward as you can see, so I'll spare the step-by-step process. I thought about putting some L-brackets and/or supports, but its actually pretty solid as is. I'll probably also get some foam padding to put on the contact points, thought the wood is soft enough that its not going to really damage the paint. For the rear doors, you'll notice the blocks that keep the door from sliding.

I got all the supplies from Home Depot for both these and the Hardtop dolly for under $100!

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Nice job, I like this. I can get the dollies from Harbor freight cheep locally.
One questions: Why does one have block and one does not on the bottom?
Might I add wrap the wood in carpet so not to mar the soft plastic. Not sure if someone else mentioned that or not.
Ya bungees or a strap would be good too. Bump and that's all she wrote.
Maybe I am missing something simple here.
Thanx for the idea.

edit: Never mind I see the back doors are a bit smaller and will wobble off as it were.

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Exactly, the back doors kept sliding down, I spaced it a little bit so that the weld pinching can slide between. Very secure now... Yeah, I have some foam pipe wrap that I'll probably use, just have to get some contact cement. Though unless we get another heat wave, not sure the doors will be coming off again this year...

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Thanks for sharing this post and your parts list. I was able to get to Home Depot just after 9pm and had one of these built for my front doors by 10:30.

I joined the forum just so I could say thanks. I was pretty bummed yesterday after setting my doors on the garage floor carpet and my young daughter WALKED on them. Thankfully, she's only four, so she doesn't weigh much, but I was definitely not wanting to risk leaving them on the ground.
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