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Hello. I have a grand Cherokee Overland 4.7 H.O model 2002.
Car number: 1J8GWE8J72Y108734

I need full ring and pinion kit front and rear.
The numbers are:
Dana D 48386 P8L260 4111
Dana G 51403 P 8L301 4111

Where can I found these items in Europe?
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This is a CJ forum but I will share my knowledge of buying parts as I have to buy a lot.

Buying from the USA adds about 50% to the US price for shipping and customs duties. It is worth it, they are still cheaper than buying in Europe as you do not pay for profit and handling to a retailer in Europe.

I buy Yukon Gear ring and pinion, never had any problems. about $450 each axle, a wide choice of ratios. With shipping and taxes I expect they will be around $700 each. You can also get Dana / Spicer brand, which are a little cheaper and stock ratio ring and pinions can be as low as $250 before shipping and taxes.

You will probably need a fitting kit, depending on design there can be crush sleeves and all sorts.

Whilst you have a lot of exact part numbers, you may struggle to get any US supplier to confirm the numbers match. Just make sure you know the difference between a Dana 30, a Dana 35 and a Dana 44 and exactly which axle ratio you need.

You can get them on websites such as Qadratec and many more. I would also checkout Rockauto, Amazon and Ebay (if under their global shipping programme) as they all try to make overseas shipping cheap and easy.. Shop around for the best deal on these parts but MAKE SURE THEY ARE IN STOCK.
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