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Did they ever make a hardtop for 1973 cj5 jeeps

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I am just curious if jeep ever made one for that year? If so what were the dimensions or where could I look to find them? Thanks
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RallyTops makes one for a 73 CJ5---- $3200
55-75 is the same top. the easiest measurement to verify if you have a 55-75 top or a 76-83 top is the width of the channel that sits over the windshield frame 76-83 is 55" wide and 55-75 is 59" wide
I found a Koenig hardtop for my 74 last year that because of the paint color I suspect came off the military M38A1 Jeep. I haven't tried it yet but the friend I bought it on had it on his wife's 74.
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Thanks so much for all the useful information. I appreciate it.
Ever made plenty of hard tops for Jeep. My 63 and 70 CJ5 both had hard tops
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Ever? Is that a company name?
Silly Autocorrect, Should be 'Meyer' not 'Ever'
Thanks john found them. Thanks
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