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Diagnostic Codes I got. Dont know what it means.

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I have a 2009 JKU X that is currently at the garage & they're telling me that I need a new transmission. I had another post on here & someone said to run a deep diagnostic scan & get the codes to see what pops up cos it's been known that the computer for the 42RLE transmission has issues. It's currently stuck in 2nd(limp mode). These are the codes that I got.

P0944 - Loss of Hydro pressure
P0706- Temp Range
P0732- Gear Ratio Error 2nd

Are any of these the reason it's stuck in 2nd & is fixable. If so, what is it that needs replaced or done? I don't want to buy a new transmission if I don't have to. Thank you for your help!
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No, shifter was never touched. The transmission fluid and filter was changed recently. The previous fluid was super clean, no metal flakes, didn't smell burnt. No signs of any problems. Put new ATF+4 back in it, my dad did poured some Lucas additive in it & told me after he did it.
If it is indeed turn out the Trans is bad then I'll get one but I just don't want to go paying for one if that's not what the problem really is. That's a lot of money.
They ran a diagnostic scan and told me my trans was toast cos it's stuck in 2nd.
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Ok, so maybe the shifter is the problem then. I did notice it was hard to shift into drive or reverse if the vehicle had been running awhile. I'll let the garage know. Thank you for your help. I appreciate it.
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