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Diagnostic Codes I got. Dont know what it means.

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I have a 2009 JKU X that is currently at the garage & they're telling me that I need a new transmission. I had another post on here & someone said to run a deep diagnostic scan & get the codes to see what pops up cos it's been known that the computer for the 42RLE transmission has issues. It's currently stuck in 2nd(limp mode). These are the codes that I got.

P0944 - Loss of Hydro pressure
P0706- Temp Range
P0732- Gear Ratio Error 2nd

Are any of these the reason it's stuck in 2nd & is fixable. If so, what is it that needs replaced or done? I don't want to buy a new transmission if I don't have to. Thank you for your help!
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I think you are having some scanner problems,
Is this the only jeep you have used scanner on?
Simplest suggestion - To get a second opinion use a different scanner.

The codes do NOT come up on my quick code list..
I'll check later when I hhave more time- but get a second scanner on your jeep.
OK got coffee and hear we go -


I will get info together now that I gotten 42RFE specific manual.
p0706 seams place to start-
any work to transmission, was shifter adjusted- maybe console removed, trans shift cable adjusted, was trans serviced
flushed maybe? A no start condition repaired?
>>Double checking you do not have AUTOSTICK correct?
GTG more later


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I think your asking for advice - a new trans is not in yur budget right now - thats why I am thinking of checks and tests BEFORE spending. As I mentioned this is a electronically controlled trans and checking that system first esp as you have some codes esp the p0706. I will add some later when I get free time..
Somehow I am getting a feel ing from your posts the shops did NOT diagnose, just suggested a trans replacement.
the code descriptions you used are NOT correct where did you get those descriptions?

P0706 is a code that is key to your issue. right now the only info I did NOT get from your shops was CVI.
As that would be a reading that would point right at internal trans.

SO did they run the diagnostic tests OR knee jerk and suggest trans?
something is not right here -

P0706 is NOT for temp range.
you cannot check other codes till solve P0706.


1 - 6 of 11 Posts
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