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Derale #20561 Remote Cooler [$345]

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Product Information
Price $345
Rating 5
Average Price $345.5
Manufacturer Derale Performance
Recommended Yes: 2 / No: 0
Company website

Reduce automatic transmission fluid temperatures by 30-40°F. Perfect for rock crawling and off-road use when airflow is limited. This direct fit kit features a thermostatically controlled fan module and frame mount bracketry. This do-it-yourself no-drill installation includes all necessary fittings, tubing, and hardware to dramatically increases transmission life.

Works on all automatic YJs and TJs (both 4 & 6 cylinder engines).

See the original review and install thread here by Jerry Bransford:


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Price $345
Rating 5
Pros Can certainly feel heat off of it... so it's doing it's job.
Should help my 42RLE live longer!
Cons None
Recommended yes

Comments: In setting up my TJ to pull a small trailer for camping gear, and as well for long trips to Colorado each July, I took Jerry Bransford's advice to install the Derale transmission cooler on my 2006 TJ. Although Jerry has an excellent review and writeup of his install, I chose to have a local shop do my install for me.

The cooler sits right behind the transfer case. Here are some pictures after the install:

UPDATE: After a recent camping/Jeepin' trip to Colorado, this cooler rocks. It was bloody hot driving out there with a loaded Jeep. Driving through Nebraska, the road temp was 107 degrees and each time I stopped, I heard the fan running. I also heard it running off and on as I was climbing Jeep trail passes. Sounds like it was doing it's job!

Here are more pictures...

Connector in the cooler on the right side of the above picture (towards TC).

I'm glad I looked at this left side connection. I ran a bunch of rough trails over a week. The sensor wires had some transmission fluid on them. It's not dripping, and fluid level was okay, but it's damp. It was not so before the trip...

Looking towards the front of the Jeep. The lines run along the frame.

Lines continue forward...

Where the lines connect to the transmission and radiator.

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Price $346
Pros Does a good job cooling the trans fluid.
Cons Supply hose could've been about 6" longer. Routing over axle could be improved.
Recommended yes

Comments: Does a good job of cooling transmission fluid for longer life. Install was super easy. Supply line would be better if it was about 6" longer. That would give a little flexability running tye lines over the front axle/passed upper control arms.
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