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Vote for your December 2013 TJoTM

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Told yall I would do it today :D

I have to say this will go down as one of the best months ever. I can't believe the quality of entries and the heavyweights that are about to do some battle on here.

Lets get this one going. VOTE. CRAWL. BUMP. TELL YOUR FRIENDS.

Also, remember this will last until the 14th so vote as soon as possible!

Tar Heel
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2005 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 6spd manual
35/12.50/15 MTR/K
Currie Antirock
Rokmen Mercenary front bumper
Rokmen steering box skid
Rokmen TT
Warn 9.5TI
KC Daylighters 130w
Garvin Wilderness tire carrier
Savvy Ultimate steering
Line-X Fenders and mirrors
Dynatrac front diff cover
Ruffstuff rear diff cover
Midland 75-822 CB
3' firestik
Super ultra custom backup lights
Banks catback
Black Magic brake pads with Centric Premium rotors
Black Magic Delrin door bushings
Comet Tri Band Antenna with Kenwood TH-F6A
Polk DB521 speakers with Nalin MFG dash brackets
Savvy 1.25" Body Lift
Savvy 1" Motor Mount Lift
Novak Shifter
Savvy Step Rock Sliders
Savvy gas tank skid
Powertank 10# with rollbar clamps
Savvy Aluminum Adjustable CA's
Black magic brakes JJ washers
Currie 4" Springs
Fox 2.0 Smoothbodies
Currie TJJ Front Trackbar
Currie rear trackbar with housing bracket
Currie Bumpstops F/R
Goodridge Extended Brakelines
JJ housing kit
Currie mini skids
Daystar 3/8" spring isolators
Currie extended rear sway bar links
Ten Factory front chromoly axleshafts
G2 rear chromoly axleshafts
Warn 2.5CI suckdown winch mounted on coil bucket
Rokmen TT
Tom Woods 1310 CV driveshaft
Black Magic Brakes tie rod flip and raised sway bar brackets

I have had this Jeep for about 3 years and have loved every minute of it. I built it myself and have bigger plans for it in the future. I wheel it often in many places and still have so many places to go explore. See ya on the trails!

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Steven Cavasar
-Zone 3" lift
-1.25" BL
-RE steering stabilizer
-JKS front adjustable trac bar
-Full MC CAs (in closet)

-Metalcloak front bumper
-Dirtworx rear bumper/tire carrier
-CCFABS no flare hood line front fenders
-Smittybilt rear flares
-AtoZ Fab rockers
-Rokmen drop down aluminum tailgate

-Aussie lunchbox D30
-Adams rear CV driveshaft (in closet)
-D44 (in garage)

-Rugged Ridge D-windows
-BFG T/A KO 33x12.5
-Spiderweb shade
-Monstaliner tub
-PSC hood louver
-PSC light bar mounts
-Totron 50" LED light bar
-Poly Performance hood pins
-Ground Pounder Fab fram tie ins
-JK turn signals
-Bestop seat covers
-Maxxima reverse/STT LED lights
-Uniden PRO520XL CB
-3' Firestik II
-Smittybilt XRC8 (in closet)

This Jeep has been in my family since it rolled off the lot with less than 100 miles. I remember going with my family to the dealership just to "look" at one since my dad had always wanted a Jeep and his Bronco was totaled. We ended up driving off of the lot with it that Easter weekend of '98. All of the neighbor kids thought it was so cool when the top was down and my mom would take us for a ride. Growing up my mom would let me drive it on some back roads and pastures with the top down and doors off. Then my older sister turned 16 and drove it for a couple years until I got it after she finished college almost two years ago. Since then I have wheeled when able and built it up to my liking. I will continue to build it up and hopefully pass it onto one of my kids some day. This Jeep will only ever have one last name on the title, Cavasar.

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Name: Mike
Username: Unlimited04

2004 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited with: 4.0L/42RLE/NV231J w/ SYE, HP D30 front, D44 rear, 4.88's with Detroit TrueTrac's front and rear, 33x12.50R15 Goodyear Duratracs, JeepMedic engine skid & tummy tuck, modified "Soli" diff covers, Kilby steering box skid & Body Clamz, Savvy gas tank skid, Skid Row radiator skid, rock sliders with internal reinforcements, JKS 1.25" BL, Brown Dog 1" MML w/ super block brackets, Vanco 15" brakes w/ Black Magic Pads on 48mm dual piston calipers, Springs: OME 2.5" - 934 front, 949 rear, Shocks: OME N66 & N67, lots of bumpstop work, adjustable front and rear track bars, adjustable control arms, front sway bar discos, Viair 460C with 1 gallon air tank, rear load leveling airbags, Poison Spyder Customs Trail Cage with custom additions, ebay 'knoblockbumpers' rear bumper, some homemade stuff (GPS mount, CB mount, antenna mount & third brake light), ZJ V8 tie rod, trans temp gauge & big tranny cooler, Drake Off-Road radiator, Superwinch EPi9000S on Warn winch plate, Hesco High flow thermostat housing, Bestop tire carrier, 160A Durango alternator, custom exhaust, Draw-Tite trailer brake controller & 7-way RV plug for the 10" drum brakes on the home made off-road camping/utility trailer w/ roof top tent. In the works: shock mount relocation w/ long travel shocks. See the build thread here:

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Name: Kyle Wiberg

Username: kyle_craig


1998 TJ 2.5L/ax5
Front axle: Dana 30/4.88s/Eaton E locker/Iron Rock Tie Rod/solid cover/spare shafts
Rear axle: Dana 44/4.88s/Chromos/1350 yoke/solid cover
Transfer Case: NP231J/TeraLow 4:1/Novak cable shifter/Iron Rock SYE/Tattons double cardan driveshaft
Suspension: 1.75" bb front/reversed XJ Leafs rear/5" rear stretch
Wheels/Tires: JK Rubicon/35/12.50/17 KM2
Recovery: Superwinch 8500 with 3/8" Masterpull synthetic rope
Armor: UCF ultra high clearance skid/MoabFab rockers and corners
Accessories: TnT rear cross member/Genright Crawler stretch tank/CJ tailgate/1" BL

It all started about five years ago. I was heading out to Colorado for college and decided I wanted a four wheel drive vehicle to get around on the snowy mountain roads. I bought it stock, then did a 2" budget boost lift and 31s and wheeled it. Then I added a 1" body lift and some 33s and wheeled some more. Then I did some cutting and put on 35s. Gearing, a rear axle swap, a wheelbase stretch, and many other mods soon came as I wheeled more and more and learned what it needed.

This little 4 cylinder Jeep has seen a lot of wheeling and a lot of road travel. Every year, I head back and forth to Minnesota, Colorado, and Utah; driving it, wheeling it, and fixing it. It has been loads of fun.

As with most built Jeeps, this one is a work in progress. I'm currently putting together a sleeved/gusseted HP30 that I plan to swap in come spring and I'm also planning on front tube fenders, new tires, a rear locker, a cage, and hydro assist in the future....not to mention a tow rig and trailer.

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Name: Mike Hjelseth

User Name: yelset

Prior to owning this '99 TJ Sport, I have owned a '78 Bronco and a '98 XJ, both of which were slightly modified. I purchased this

Jeep in September of 2007, with the modifications that the previous owner had done.

Previous owner's modifications:

• Edge Trailjammer chip and throttle body

• Flexilite Black Magic electric fan (gone)

• Header and Magnaflow exhaust system

• Teraflex 4" SA suspension, 1" body lift, ¾" pucks, T-case drop (all gone)

• 33" BFG MT (gone), AWC Stone Crusher wheels

• Poison Spyder trail corners (sold), LED tail lights

• Fabtech front bumper

• Re-geared to 4:11

• Lunch box locked D35 (gone)

The modifications that I have made:

• Warn rear bumper with a tire carrier (sold), replaced with Savvy rear bumper

• Poison Spyder Rocker Knockers (sold)

• Poison Spyder Trail Cage

• 2001 TJ rear D44 with ARB air locker and Alloy USA 35 spline axles

• 2005 front Rubicon D44, Superior Evolution axles, Yellowstuff pads

• Warn XD9000I winch

• Viking 3/8"x 100' Synthetic winch line and aluminum fairlead

• Cowl Induction/Snorkel with a K&N Apollo air filter

• Cobra CB with a Firestick antenna

• AA SYE, Tom Woods rear and Jim Reel front drive shafts

• Currie Steering

• 35/12.5/15 Goodyear MT/R with Kevlar

• Currie 4" suspension

• Front Anti-Rock

• Rancho XL9000 shocks

• Rear shocks out-boarded

• Rotated rear spring perches

• Custom rear lower and upper control arm mounts

• MCE Gen II Flat Fenders

• Savvy GTS

• Savvy Under Armor modified for a 32RH transmission

• Savvy Corners

• Savvy Rub Rails

• Savvy Sliders

• Gen Right 4" Aluminum Rear Flares

• On board air

As far as future mods:

• Full cage tied to the frame, seats and harnesses
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Tar Heel
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Name: Pete Vargas

Username: BadKarma1701

Mods: Zone 4 inch lift, trail gear front / rear bumpers and sliders, 10.000 lb winch

Story: Wheeling slick rock ca

Pic link below:


Name: Jake Mauldin
Username: Jankoid


HP30 front w/ ARB and chromos
D44 rear w/ Detroit & chromos
4.88 gears
37" Pitbull Rockers
~4" suspension lift
1.25" body lift
Front Y link
Custom rear 4 link
101" wheelbase (8" rear stretch)
Genright alien stretch tank
Currie steering
JKS front track bar
Poison Spyder tube fenders
Moab Fab custom cut corner guards


My dad owns and runs a paint/body shop, and he and I buy and fix salvaged Jeeps as a side job. Sometimes we buy salvaged Jeeps to keep for ourselves, as was the case with this '02 TJ. It is actually a conglomeration of 2 heavily wrecked '02 TJs, one with major frame damage and one with major body damage. I took the good tub and good frame, combined them into a working Jeep, and had it on the trails in less than a month. Originally I planned to keep it nearly stock and daily drive it while I used my LJ as a trail rig, but then I took my dad wheeling one day and he got bit by the bug. So then we had to build it to keep up with my LJ, so I decided I was gonna stretch it and practice my fab skills. The majority of the parts used to build this Jeep were left over from other Jeeps or purchased used, leading my dad to affectionately nickname it "Patches." It is technically my main trail rig right now since my LJ is broken, but once the LJ is going again my dad and I can go tear up some trails together!


Name: Eric Bothwell
Username: biffgnar

Front High Pinion Currie F9 Axle
Rear Currie F9 Axle
4.86 gearing
Front Currie Chromolly Axleshafts - 31 spline inner/27 spline outer
Rear Currie Chromolly Axleshafts - 35 spline
Front Axle Side Johnny Joint Conversion
Poly Performance Ball Joints
Spicer 5-760 Ujoints with Full Circle Clips
ARB Front and Rear Air Lockers
Front Vanco 17" Big Brake Kit with Black Magic Brake Pads, Centric Premium Rotors and Speed Bleeders
Rear Explorer Disks flipped to front w/wizard brackets
Currie 4" Springs
Savvy 1.25" Body Lift
Savvy 1" Motor Mount Lift
Stinky Fab Racing Motor Mount Brackets
Fox 2.0 Remote Reservoir Shocks with Alltech Tune - 11" travel front/12" travel rear
Poly Performance Front Shock Tower Extension
Rear Shocks outboarded with Poly Performance Towers
Rear Upper Spring Bucket Correction
J.B. Conversions Super Short Slip Yoke Eliminator
Blue Monkey Speedo Healer
Novak Cable Shifter
Tom Woods Front Driveshaft with Axle Side Flange
Tom Woods Rear Driveshaft with extra CV joint clearancing and 1350 joints at axle
Rear Axle Ujoint Yoke
Currie Front and Rear Bumpstops
Currie adjustable lower arms
Savvy double adjustable upper arms
Currie Antirock Front
RE rear swaybar extensions
Currie Front Adjustable trackbar
Currie Rear Adjustable trackbar
Currie Correctlync Steering w/Savvy Tie Rod and Driver's Side Tie Rod Flip
Savvy Front Bumper
Rokmen Steering Box Skid
Rusty's Radiator Skid
Savvy Under Armor
Savvy Rocker Guards
Rokmen Aluminum Trail Corners
Savvy Gas Tank Skid
Raceline Monster 17" Beadlocks
Goodyear MTRs - 35x12.5x17
YJ Front Brakelines
Hella Headlight Conversion
Rigid Industries Flood Duallys (bumper mount)
Rigid Industries Spot Duallys (window frame mount)
Superwinch EPi9.0 w/synthetic line and safety thimble
B&M Transmission Cooler
B&M Supplemental Transmission Filter
Cobra 75 wx st
Windstar Cowl Intake w/air scoop
Savvy Rear LED Tail Lights
York On Board Air w/2 gallon tank and front and rear quick disconnects
RE Hand Throttle
Buchanan Seat Risers
AEV Rear LED Rear Center High Mount Stop Light
Vision X Rock Lights



John Hendrix/Dumpster Dive TJ


1997 Jeep Wrangler Sport TJ (114 inch WB)

4.0 L /AW4/231J/SYE/Novak cable shifter


JK D30, BTF diff cover, Synergy sleeves, and C gusset kit
JKD44 with spring under conversion and U bolt eliminators
37/12.50/17 Goodyear MTRK
JK Moab wheels painted gunmetal gray

· JJ control arms uppers and lowers
· Fox Front COs 2.0
· XJ rear Leafs and Fox 2.0 shocks
· Derale remote trans cooler with fan
· Currie Anti-rock
· PSC hydro assist, Extreme steering gear
· ROKMEN Hi-Line fenders with custom trimmed hood
· ROKMEN rear cross member bumper
· ROKMEN tailgate
· CJ tailgate that I can swap out at anytime
· Mastercraft seats
· BTF cage kit with custom seat mounts and mastercraft harnesses
· ROKMEN Steering box Skid
· Custom Flat High Clearance Skid
· Ruffstuff Custom 1 Ton HD steering and track bar 1.5 inch thick wall D.O.M.
· ROKMEN Mercenary Rockers with Custom corners
· ROKMEN L-TJ front bumper
· Warn winch with synthetic cable
· Savvy LED taillights

Started as a TJ tub, cut and moved the rear of the tub forward to close out the cab, built a custom hard top, built a custom bed and stretched the frame to fit it all on a 114 inch WB. I built this Jeep not as a Hardcore wheeler, but as a Daily Driver street queen with some mild wheeling in mind. I hope to hit some trails in 2014.
Plans in the works: Finish the stereo system, install the heated seats, JW speaker headlights, Lots of LED lights, Ten factory axle shafts, 5:13 gears, ARB lockers, Build a Custom cage inside the cab and in the bed then just enjoy. NOT FOR SALE

Here it is guys and gals. I spent the last 2 years building a vision of a Jeep from nothing more than a pile of scrap parts. I tried to stay close to the original vision as possible it was tough and easy at the same time. The budget restraints kept me from deviating from the plan to far. This is my third Jeep build I believe I have 2 more left I want to build.

Build Thread


Name: Connor
Username: Imped
Mods (optional):
2004 TJ
4.0 with Brown Dog rubber mounts and SFR block brackets
NP231 w/JB Conversions SYE, Novak cable shifter, Tera 2low
HP Dana 30 front axle with custom mounts, sleeves, Aussie, Superior shafts with heat treated Spicer joints, Spicer ball joints (a very polished turd)
Dana 44 rear axle with JK Rubicon gears, ARB, all custom mounts, 35 spline Ten Factory shafts (another very polished turd)
4.88 gears

Front 3 link with "mid" length custom aluminum control arms
Rear triangulated 4 link with "mid" length custom aluminum control arms
Metalcloak Duroflex joints all around
Mix of Poly Performance and custom mounts
Currie 3" coils and 11" Bilstein 5100 shocks on all custom mounts
Modified Currie bump stops
Currie AntiRock front sway bar and custom rear sway bar using Currie components
101" wheelbase, custom-built rear frame

Savvy UnderArmor
Custom cut Savvy rear corners (ordered blank)
Savvy tub rails
Trimmed LJ-length Savvy sliders
Savvy tailgate/valance armor
Savvy steering box skid
Rokmen highline fenders
TNT aluminum tub panels

PSC Extreme box
Borgeson upper/lower shafts
Currie steering with Savvy tie rod
Flipped tie rod on top of driver's side knuckle
Metalcloak track bar

37x12.50x37" MTR Kevlars
17" Black Rock 909 wheels

Other stuff:
PRP DD seats
RCI 2162 fuel cell with GenRight ring and Aeroquip lines/fittings
Building custom cage in the spring
Warn 9.0RC winch

Build thread in sig for all the other details. That list is way too long, as is.

Story (optional):
I bought the Jeep back in February 2008 to just have a fun vehicle that did well in snow....there were no intentions of wheeling it or doing much. That changed and it was all downhill from there. I could go on and on but I'll save you guys the boring reading.

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Voted, wicked line-up! Picked the wrong month to enter. Good luck to all. :cheers2:

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Holy ****! I never even bother coming into tech anymore, but when I saw in Connor's thread both him & Hendrix were in here, I HAD to check it out.

But who the hell to vote for???

I may just pull an Obama & vote "present".
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