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Decal Proposal

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Hi, I'm new to Jeeps but not the Wave. After reading all the disappointed wave posts around the forum, I propose ":wave:" decals for our front lefts so we know when a waver is coming. It's nice to wave to everyone but the reduction in kind returns and overall Wavees is noticeable.
Maybe it would get people asking what the decal is all about, and they'd learn about the Wave. Maybe it would remind drivers to wave if they notice it.
Whadya think?
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Hello, new to the group and wanted to chime in... I have wanted a decal of sorts for some time, I feel its disrespectful to not wave... I propose though, a window decal... Or maybe a decal that fits along of the lip of your hood that says wave damnit...
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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