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Debate on 2 door or a 4 door Jeep Wrangler is superior?

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Hello, Everybody!
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Exactly, superior at what? The 2 door less suseptible to getting high centered which certainly can happen with stock height 4 door Wranglers off road, but for anything else the 4 door is superior. Inside they have about the same room as a Grand Cherokee.
I could see someone wanting a 2 door if it was a second vehicle, or a single person that doesn't need storage, or someone who always wanted a TJ but can't find a good enough condition one to buy....but otherwise the 4 door JKs and JLs are better buys overall. Personally I want a JT for myself. The ultimate beach truck with a pick up cap and stove, fishing gear etc. For now Im still cruzing the beach in my Hemi WK...

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Good advice from somebody who proudly posts a pic of the most inferior Jeep ever IMO.

All bodies and eras of the Grand Cherokees are undesirable IMO. They have all sucked as far as ease to work on, Serviceability in general. They are difficult to work on and thus drives up the cost of repairs. The newer they get the more that they overcomplicate things. Simple things. They are some of the worst designed vehicles in the world IMO and have been forever. Yes. I have worked in a CJDR dealership and dealt with them a lot outside of the dealership. I do not like the way that they drive either. I like nothing about them.

I would never own 2018 or newer Compass. Ever. But guess what. That is an amazingly suitable vehicle for my wife and what she relies upon. It gets good fuel economy on long road trips for a 4wd, and it is easy to park in downtown big city areas.

Not to pick upon your Grand in this example or even my wifes Jeep. Just proving a point that whatever fits your life is what fits your life.

My first Jeep was an XJ when I really wanted an CJ or YJ.
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