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Hello Ladies & Gents,

I've had myself a problem recently. (I'm learning, so please don't berate me for my mistake. I know I messed up.)

When replacing a yoke & pinion seal on my rear axle, I screwed up/ordered the wrong seal, resulting in the oil leaking out of my diff while driving. What ended up happening, as can be seen from the pictures, is the outer bearing and race heated up extensively, scoring the pinion shaft.

My question is, is the pinion reusable, or am I better off getting a new ring & pinion? (This time to be installed by a shop).

I now know differentials are a total pain in the arse, and are a matter of exact precision, requiring tools I do not have.

Thank you in advance for any advice from those much more educated than me in the world of differentials.

p.s. Would I be better off just getting a whole new axle? I am very tempted at this point.


1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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