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Price $380
Pros mounts a winch, its solid, I made it
Cons I had to make it, made the wife mad. took a while.
Recommended yes

Comments: Fabbed it up using cardboard. Wasn't sure how the radius corners would turn out, but me and some friends made it all work. It uses 1/4" plate steel as the brackets. bolts through 7 holes on the passenger side and 7 on the drivers side. The winch mounting area is also 1/4" steel, as well as its angled supports, but the rest of the bumper is 3/16" steel, it has some sweet angles and nice radius corners. All coated in a smooth satin black finish.
The cost of taking the wife out every 3 nights really didn't make up for the money I saved building my own, but Its the way I want it to look.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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