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Currie Enterprises Currectlync® Steering System [$400]

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Product Information
Price $400
Rating 5
Average Price $406.12
Manufacturer Currie Enterprises
Recommended Yes: 8 / No: 0

The Currie Currectlync® heavy duty tie rod and drag link system for TJ, LJ, XJ, and MJ vehicles features, a 1 ¼" diameter forged alloy drag link, and 1 ¼" solid alloy steel tie rod bar that is bored and threaded on the ends. All 7/8" thread tie rod ends with boots are included as well as the Currie heavy duty steering stabilizer bracket. This unit is a direct replacement for the stock parts. No modifications or machining to any part of the vehicle is necessary. This unit is rated at 200% stronger than than the stock part.


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Price $500
Pros Way bigger than stock
Cons none
Recommended yes

Comments: I bought mine through and got the upgraded 7074 aluminum tierod. It looks sweet and eliminated any wobble in my steering. Worth the money for the peace of mind that comes with drag link and tie rods this massive. Currie accidentally sent me another tierod and no draglink so to make up for it my draglink came with a free EZ tire deflater. Great customer service. From them and Andy at Ironman 4x4
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