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Hey everyone, I tried to make this post earlier but I guess she just didn't wanna work..

Anyways, on my 2007 Wrangler Rubi the cruise hasn't been turning on lately. I hit the button, nothing happens.. Also, for about a week leading up to this, the cruise had a habit of turning itself off at random when I'd be using it. I have been driving through some crappy conditions lately that may have contributed to this though ( wet snow, and water may have gotten into some things under the hood). I checked the fuses already and they are all fine.

I should also add that within the last year I've had the clock spring replaced due to an issue where the airbag light would come on and it start beeping at me fairly regularly while driving. This is the first electrical problem I've experienced since then.

Figured I'd see what any of you had to say about this in the hopes that I could avoid spending more money than I'd like to in a shop. Not to mention, I can't stand highway driving without cruise control. :p :p

Thanks in advance!
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