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What type of coolant would be good to use that would cool better than antifreeze since i'm not worried about it freezing at this point and time of the year. I'm having some issues with it cooling. My fan likes to kick on a lot even though its full of fluid. Temp in Alabama is from 95 to 100 right now and I need to keep this thing cool so the heat doesn't rob my engines power. I know this sounds crazy but I've thought about getting a 180 degree termo-stat but i don't want the decrease in MPG. What do I do, anything???? Please help :brickwall
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Keep the original spec for the thermostat (195 F) If all is working well, then the engine will maintain this (actually a few degrees higher) no matter what the ambient temperature is.

Water plus anti-freeze is necessary in all vehicular engines for all climates. This is because anti-freeze contains additives for corrosion.

If you are having problems keeping the temperature down, then you have a problem that needs to be addressed! No other way around it. Take no short cuts either.

Start with a good flush and re-fill of 50/50 water plus any normal type anti-freeze, and also replace your thermostat while you are at it. Then reevaluate the situation.
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