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I have a set of bows from a '97 TJ and the header bar for the soft top. I also have the bracket for the hardtop so you can hoist it up to your garage ceiling. Finally I have a stock rear bumper with no ends. Make me an offer. I am in Denver. I no longer have the TJ and these parts are taking up valuable space in my garage.

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for sale assorted top / windows for best top YJ - Denver

This is all spice colored made for Jeep YJ 89-95 tops were used for about 4 summers/winters(3 years in south florida), it is in pretty good shape and has no tears or anything and works fine just dirty / faded. My jeep was stolen and I have a few random best top items-
Here is what is included. Take it all for 100 bucks.
*1 Full best top soft-top (WINDOW INFO BELOW) ~5 yrs old (No Hardware)
*1 NEW Rear back window for best top soft top
*1 NEW passenger half window for best top soft top (no hardware)
*1 USED driver half window for best top soft top (no hardware)
*1 neoprene seat cover in almost new condition (black)
*1 USED bikini top from best top

as you can tell i was in the process last summer of adding my new best top which was on there, and the windows as it was stolen, so that is why there are random new and old windows

let me know if you have questions I have some pictures but they suck because it's so big

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1989 Jeep YJ Wrangler
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A couple YJ items are up for sale:
Sport Roll bar-$75 **SOLD**

Duster cover(87-91)- $40 (good condition, used one summer)

Smittybuilt side steps and front tube Bumper (a couple dents)-$125 **SOLD**

Stock 15 gallon steel gas tank with skid, sending unit and fuel pump- $100

PM if interested.

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If any of you remember 'ol Crazy Pedro, his rig is up for grabs. He ended up having to chase work in TX, and the ride wasn't able to go. I'll try and remember all the in's and outs of it....

91 Jeep Cherokee
4.0L, auto, 4WD
approx 4 " lift, trimmed on 33's
Front ARB bumper, old OE style swing away rear bumper, roof rack
Has a couple extra doors that were going to be used as half doors, and a couple spare 31's (not a ton of tread)

The bad:
Jeep does not currently run; it does crank, but will not fire. New CKP sensor & coil installed; haven't had a ton of time to really dive into it myself...could be something simple I've overlooked, or something like a PCM. Again, I haven't had much time to really look into it.
Driver seat bracket broken, so seat is loose

He's out of town, and wants it gone. I have the key and clean title in hand. Looking to sell soon.

Was asking $1800/obo. May consider parting out.... Any serious offer considered.


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1999 Jeep Cherokee White
Mileage: 274,000
Cost: 1500.00
Title: Clean
2nd Owner, Purchased in 2004 with 160,000 (bought in VA)
Maintenance: Replaced the O2 sensor and fuel pump and cracked exhaust manifold. I have a folder of any maintenance that was done on this car, from when I owned it. It may be missing a few oil change records here or there, but the larger stuff is all there.
Things that need attention:
-Front Axle has a sporadic squeak, got a quote for a differential bearing swap out for ~$550. The shop said it was fine to drive, and only fix if noise gets worse, which it hasn’t.
-Suspension – Believe it or not, it still has original, factory, shocks on it. I was going to replace them, but got a new car instead, which is why I am selling in the first place. Front switch is simple and straight-forward. The rear should be easy to do as well, but I am assuming a bolt or two will break, which will make it not fun. Quoted at 250.00 for entire shock swap by the shop.
-Due for oil change in 200 miles. I have changed the oil every 5000 miles.
-It is a jeep, it has a small oil leak (never had to add oil between 5k changes). It is the bare bones package. No power locks, no power windows, no cruise control, but it has the 4.0L in-line 6 that is regarded as one of the best motors…EVER. The good thing about having nothing powered is that there isn’t much to break!
Backstory – I love this car. I don’t want to sell it, but I am also not driving it day to day like I used to. It is time for someone else to love this car. I have been driving it about once a week for the past two months (since I got my new car). It runs great, great highway acceleration, and if you need 4 wheel drive, it turns into a literal tank. The BFG tires are in decent shape and should last another 15-20k miles.
My price is negotiable, but I feel this is a real steal at this price. If I post it on Craigslist I will ask at least 2k, but feel like members of this forum would appreciate it more. I got a great deal on this car 12 years ago, and want to pass on the great find to the next lucky owner.
I moved from WA State last summer, so it will need emission tested in CO. I live in Loveland.


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New prices. This stuff needs to go!!!!!!!!!

93 YJ stock fenders in good shape. No rust, dents or dings. Includes marker lights and factory flares. $100 each.
I also have the factory running boards and rear flares. Make reasonable offer. All are the factory Sahara green color.

Rusty's tie rod and drag link steering conversion for XJ,YJ, or TJ. 1 1/8" .250 wall DOM tubing. With all brand new tie rod ends. Brand new never used. Installed and taken off as I decided to go a different direction. $275 + shipping from Rustys. Will sell for $150. Drag link was shortened to fit a YJ. I had a guy buy it for an XJ and he said it was too short. YMMV. SOLD

Dana 30 and Dana 35 axles from 93 YJ. Both complete. 3.73 gears. Both working fine when I pulled them from my YJ with 145k on them. $100 each. Someone has to need at least the D30 before I take the axles for trail spares and scrap the rest.SOLD

TJ Bestop softop in good shape. Complete with frame. $200. I also have some soft upper doors that I will throw in with this top but to be perfectly honest I don't know that they match this top.

20 gallon poly tank from an 82 CJ. Was going to use on my 81 CJ but went with a 15 gallon tank. SOLD

I'm in the Parker area but can meet someone within reason.
PM for additional info or pics.
Thanks for looking.

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1989 Jeep YJ Wrangler
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Couple yj items available for sale:

Stock 15 gallon gas tank, skid, sender and pump- $50

Stock rear driveshaft And yoke- $125

Stock skid plate- $75

1in transfer case drop- $10

Black bikini top- $40

Black duster cover- $40

PM if interested.

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CJ parts

Finished my CJ build and have some parts left over.
Seat risers
Gas tank
Have some more stuff I'll list when I go through it.

Trade? what do you have
Sell! best offers


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I've got 4 brand new Crager Soft 8 wheels, 17x9, 5x4.5 bolt pattern. 2 are still in the box, 2 are out of the box, but never mounted or anything. they were $95/wheel from Summit.

asking $300 for all 4.

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