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CliffHangers Four Wheel Drive Club
Tire Automotive tire Wheel Motor vehicle Vehicle


Farmington New Mexico, 87401

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Contact Name:Brenda Gent
President Name:Jerry Edgar

Meeting Location:Members home (changes each month)
Meeting Date:1st Thursday of each month
Meeting Time:7pm


Club Type:General 4x4
Family Friendly:Yes
Mandatory Meetings:No
Year Founded:1978
Yearly Fees:$45


The Cliffhangers four wheel drive club was founded in 1978. One of the main purposes was for families to get together and go out wheelin. The club is active with runs nearly each week. We have had invitationals, South West Four Wheel Drive Club Quarterly meetings, and Clean ups every year to keep our OHV area open.

Enrollment Requirements
Must be voted in after applying and attending 3 runs and 2 meetings
Equipment Requirements
Four wheel drive
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