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CJ7 hard door alignment, gaps, general fitment problems

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I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. I was going to just live with the way the doors close since they will only be used during the fall/winter but now they won't close with the super top hardware on the windshield and above the door striker.

The windshield hinge is flush with the cowl. I dropped a threaded rod to the lower hinge to get both the upper and lower hinges on the tub in alignment with each other. I adjusted the hinges on the doors with the doors shut to get the gaps to look even. The problem is the striker is at its outside limit and it takes a little effort to shut the doors. I probably needs another 1/4" to be right. The strikers are new (I don't remember if they were crown or omix), maybe they suck?

Also both doors stick out at the bottom, they are not flush with the tub. This could be caused by the tight striker but I don't know.

This would all be perfectly fine for this project but now the doors won't close at all with the new super top hardware. There is interference with both the bracket on the windshield and the vertical support bar bracket above the striker.

Are there any other adjustments I can make to the doors? Are there shims to push the hinges out.

The last pic shows how much the door out from the tub.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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I have had fitment issues with hard doors on various jeeps over the years. Tubs and door openings seem to move a little over the years. It looks like the gap between the windshield frame and the front of the door frame is wider at the top than the bottom and of course the same is true at the back of the door to the tube. The window frame placement is a little sloppy naturally depending upon the gasket under the frame to the cowling, but it is easy to pull the frame back hard as needed then tighten the hold downs. Not a big deal with a soft top but more problematic with a hardtop. The trick I have used in the past to adjust door fitment is to loosen the door hinges then place a piece of cardboard over the door threshold to act as a spacer. Close the door hard as see how it fits. If OK, tighten up the hinges with the door still in place.
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