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CJ7 Dana 60-2 Rear Axle Build

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I've been saving money to buy the parts I need to finish my new Dana 60-2 rear axle. I plan to swap this onto my CJ7 in place of the Dana 44 Scout II axle it now has.

I got the Dana 60-2 from a 1972 J4000 series pickup in a local junkyard. This is what I have put into it so far:

Dana 60 Rear Axle work:
Axle cost 130
Sell trac-lok -150
Sell 4.10 R&P -43
Shorten tube 150 87
Shorten shaft 40 127
el dorado calipers 30.50 157.50
D60 4.88 gears 168 325.50
Install master cylinder 78.50 404.00
Eaton E-locker 768 1172.00
Carrier Bearings 72.50 1244.50
Pinion install kit 79.50 1324
Spring perches 40.50 1364.50
TSM Brackets bolts rotors 300 1664.50
rubber hoses 50 1714.50

The Identifying marks for a Dana 60-2 are on the top and bottom of the housing. This pic shows one cast in designator.

The whole axle housing with an Eaton E-locker installed:

You can see the tube weld on the left side. The axle originally had a very offset pinion. It was 66" WMS to WMS. If you cut 6" out of the long side you wind up needing two axle shafts that are the same length and the WMS to WMS width is about 60" total. So I only had to get one tube cut and rewelded. Crazy Ed in Colorado Springs did the tube shortening for $150.
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Tight write up,that ****'s gonna be hoss!!:thumbsup:
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