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CJ5 Registry Entry

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Hi all. So I’ve recently picked up a CJ5. It’s a 1978 4.2 I6 in black. It was once green, that’s fairly obvious!

It’s not really been used in years, the breaks are there but take some persuasion to work. The Weber carb has no filter and the butterflies are like Statler and Waldorf from the muppets.

This week both the alternator belt and power steering belts gave out; boot laces got me home through central London rush hour on a Friday night!

I have full and half doors, there ends the good news. The wiring needs replacing. Everything was pulled from the dash to prevent an untraceable power drain - apparently. There is no roof and the seatbelts are for show.

It’s black with gold rims, masquerading as a golden eagle. The tub and chassis are ok. The need some tic. The engine is strong. I have a retune kit, manifold, carb, temp sensor, aux belts and front left wing on route from Jeepey.

So far, so good. Not sure if I should put the VRM on an open forum, but if you’ve owned VJM999S do let me know!

Oh, and it’s called Daisy, of course. I’m now just figuring out how to put in some isofix points!!!
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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