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CJ5 lug stud problem on one side

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Hey all,

I use my CJ3B as a daily driver. It has a CJ5 frame and parts and from what I have been told, it is probably from a '70 or 71'. I installed disc brakes on the front 4-5 months ago, all new rotors, pads, calipers, lines, etc. and everything was fine. Recently, when braking, the driver's side front made a small grinding noise. I thought I might have a warped rotor as the pads are fine.

When I went to take off the lug nuts, the whole lug stud would spin, very loosely. All five of them, which is really odd and obviously leads me to assume that I have some other issue going on. As expected, this is not happening on the other side. I went and got new lug studs and it is the same thing, so the holes have been enlarged somehow. I had the wheels balanced and aligned a couple of months ago. Does anyone know what would cause this? And fixes? I assume I will have to get a new axle hub assembly?

Here is a pic and a small video of the issue.

See the video of the issue here

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Thanks for any help!
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This is great info! What is odd though, is that I have taken these wheels off countless times with no issue. The other side was completely solidly set. @JEEPFELLER, I don't see any markings on the bolts that indicate a left or right side. Here are the hub assembly numbers. The axle is 27A. I have included the markings from the hub assembly. There are two sets of numbers?? There is a 35295 and a 24648 with a 15 to the left (15 24648). You can see the size discrepancy between the studs and the hub assembly holes.

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Pretty sure LH studs were never used on D27 or D30 axles. This appears to have the "outside" mounted rotors used in the conversion. Do you know if these are indeed the late CJ rotors or something else? Your choice of studs will be dependent on that.
This is the common D30 hub disc brake wheel stud:
As far as the above reference to Kaiser-Willys, I NO LONGER PURCHASE ANYTHING from there. It is almost all Omix-ADA and most of that stuff is absolute chinese junk.
Great info. I did the disc brake conversion using the 1985-1989 Suzuki setup and Brandon's garage brackets. I just went and got the studs you linked above. The knurled part seems to fit well enough to stop them from spinning when I tightened the wheel. The only thing is I can't get them to seat properly.

Here are pics. As I am sure you can guess, the silver ones are the new ones and aren't fully seated in the slot. Does this matter? Was the part I got above not the right one? Or do I need more torque to pull them in farther? I am using a powerful impact hammer (Milwaukee 18v Fuel), but maybe it isn't enough for this?

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More great info. Thanks!

So I had more time to look at it today. I am just thoroughly confused. When I did the disc brake conversion, I didn't change out the hub assembly. I used a setup I found on 7-Bar Salvage's YouTube channel. It is some Suzuki parts and Brennan's garage brackets. The install went fine. I have take the wheels off multiple times and NEVER noticed loose lug studs. But there is no question the lug studs that came off were undersized. I think they are a .629in knurl diameter. Is is possible for a D27A to have a D30 hub assembly? I am going to check, but maybe one side is an actual 27A assembly with the advance threads as @David J. mentioned? Mine is certainly not threaded on the driver's side front.

I went and got some new ones based on the recommendation above ( I pulled the hub and banged them with a 5lb hammer. There is NO way they could work in my setup a) because the stud head is too thick and therefore would never seat properly in the hole without sticking out and b) the part I have circled in yellow below gets pushed out when I put the rotors on.

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below is that part I mentioned is too thick
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So assuming that a D30 hub assembly could be on a D27A and that is what I have, is there a better lug stud that would work with the Dana 30, assuming that is what I have?

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It looks like you have model 27 axle and the original vehicles had left hand advance threads on the drivers side. They also were riveted to keep them in place. I am guessing that someone pressed them out without removing the crimp, and therefore expanded the hole. To fix the problem probably without replacing the hub you might try brazing the new ones in place, but carefully to allow not too much heat between procedures. Castings have a habit of changing shape with not enough time to cool between procedures. Dave J.
Ahhh. That makes sense. What exactly is the crimp? I haven't seen those in my searches.
It is not a crimp. The correct search term is swaged. The studs were inserted and them there is a press arbor that spreads out the wheel side of the stud to lock it into place. This was normally on the hub with the drum mounted behind it, which does not look like yours were that way as the back side of the hub has not been machined true.

Either way, the hole for the stud has been enlarged and the dana 30 disc brake studs will not seat correctly. I would order a replacement dana 27 hub and install the correct studs that will fully seat and then re-assemble your disc brake kit.
Do you know which hubs I have? I can't find them online except the ones that are machined flush. I assume the 27A hubs work with the disc brake conversion? I am still not sure how all 5 don't fit on the driver's side but when I pull off the passenger side tires, they are in their solidly. I measured as well and the holes and lugs are the same size as the driver's side.

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