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CJ5 lug stud problem on one side

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Hey all,

I use my CJ3B as a daily driver. It has a CJ5 frame and parts and from what I have been told, it is probably from a '70 or 71'. I installed disc brakes on the front 4-5 months ago, all new rotors, pads, calipers, lines, etc. and everything was fine. Recently, when braking, the driver's side front made a small grinding noise. I thought I might have a warped rotor as the pads are fine.

When I went to take off the lug nuts, the whole lug stud would spin, very loosely. All five of them, which is really odd and obviously leads me to assume that I have some other issue going on. As expected, this is not happening on the other side. I went and got new lug studs and it is the same thing, so the holes have been enlarged somehow. I had the wheels balanced and aligned a couple of months ago. Does anyone know what would cause this? And fixes? I assume I will have to get a new axle hub assembly?

Here is a pic and a small video of the issue.

See the video of the issue here

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Thanks for any help!
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Are you getting the right studs? Those holes do not look stripped out. Those should be a moderate press fit on the knurled portion. If you are using the D30 Jeep hubs/rotors, get studs for a 78+ CJ5. I thought maybe I had a number for those but didn't find it.
Pretty sure LH studs were never used on D27 or D30 axles. This appears to have the "outside" mounted rotors used in the conversion. Do you know if these are indeed the late CJ rotors or something else? Your choice of studs will be dependent on that.
This is the common D30 hub disc brake wheel stud:
As far as the above reference to Kaiser-Willys, I NO LONGER PURCHASE ANYTHING from there. It is almost all Omix-ADA and most of that stuff is absolute chinese junk.
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