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CJ5 Headlight Upgrade Help

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Ok, like most of us with CJ's, I simply can't see where I'm going at night due to the crappy headlight output. It's actually getting quite dangerous this time of year due to shorter daylight hours.
Because of my total lack of electrical knowledge I need something plug and play
Found these on Amazon:
7 Inch LED Round Headlight Conversion for Jeep CJ CJ5 CJ7 Tractor Trailer Truck 150W 6000K Hi/Lo Beam Led Headlamp 1 Pair
Any advice on whether these would work or not would most certainly be appreciated!
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I'd be leery of those high wattage bulbs for a couple of reasons. First, many states have restrictions on the amount of wattage headlights can have. I think it's around 100W for high beams and 50W for low beams. Second, high wattage bulbs will put an additional strain on the already poor headlight circuit in your CJ, which could cause wires to overheat.

What many of us have done to improve the headlights is to add a relay harness, which drastically improves the voltage to the headlights. Along with upgraded bulbs, the difference is profound. It's a very easy plug and play deal. Here's my thread on the upgrade. You can do it cheaper than I did, if you shop around for the parts.

Before and after pics below.



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This is the company that makes Daniel Sterns relay harnesses.

You'll pay a little more than the Amazon harness, but you will be guaranteed to get the best components and a fuse for each relay.

Here's everything that came in my lighting upgrade package from Daniel Stern. The harness was all Hella components.

(2) 082440 - Cibie 7'' H4 headlamp lens-reflector unit - $158.00
(2) 48911 - Narva 100/55w H4 headlamp bulbs - $35.18
(1) HL28200 - Headlamp relay harness built-up for 2x H4 Jeep CJ - $161.49
(2) 2886X - Park or Marker bulb glass wedge upgrade 85-lumen - $9.18
(2) 796 - Reverse (back-up) upgrade bulb - $18.40
(4) 3496 - Bulb upgrade +45% brake/turn signal - $28.80

Yes, I paid a premium going thru Daniel Stern, but the one-call shopping made it worth to me. Don''t discount the upgrade to the rear taillight bulbs. They made a big difference, too.

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