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CJ5 Headlight Upgrade Help

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Ok, like most of us with CJ's, I simply can't see where I'm going at night due to the crappy headlight output. It's actually getting quite dangerous this time of year due to shorter daylight hours.
Because of my total lack of electrical knowledge I need something plug and play
Found these on Amazon:
7 Inch LED Round Headlight Conversion for Jeep CJ CJ5 CJ7 Tractor Trailer Truck 150W 6000K Hi/Lo Beam Led Headlamp 1 Pair
Any advice on whether these would work or not would most certainly be appreciated!
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You can also go the added distance and install a set of driving lights. I run a set of old Bosch rectangular's on the front bumper of the F350 (which has THE poorest headlights in history). They are relayed into the high beam circuit and upgraded with 100W bulbs. While not used with the lows, they are a big improvement on the open road. They not only light up the night, but are independently adjustable, allowing me to rotate the passenger side out off the road a bit, which helps me spot those pesky deer at night.
I really like the idea of adding some driving lights. The more light the better!
My front bumper has a couple mounting spots just itching for them. First things first though.... installing the relay harness to my headlights. Once I figure out how that all works I'll probably end up putting
lights all over this Jeep!
Be sure to check with your DOT for any issues. Oregon allows for one auxiliary set of lights to be uncovered. This works for my purposes, however, adding lights may require them to be covered.

Relay's are simple to install. I usually a Cheap FLAPS relay on mine. In the close to 15 years I've had them installed, I have lost one relay. While I don't recommend a cheap relay for headlight applications, the added offroad lights can be wired in for a couple of bucks more.

Another technique I like is to run the relay ground through the activating switch. This cuts my wiring down by one wire and eliminates a hot wire running through the firewall. If the wire happens to ground out the lights simply come on
That is exactly what I was saying earlier, but you did include another piece of beneficial information. :thumbsup:
Yep, I run a short jump lead from the main feed (30) to the relay coil (86).
Then run the ground (85) to the switch, then to ground. If you are running multiple lights or a switch pod, you can install a ground buss.

The only real downfall is you don't have the option of a circuit routed through the ignition switch, which means it is possible to bump a switch with the ignition off and have a light left on long enough to melt a cover or run down the battery.
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You could run those lighting grounds through a key operated relay that is inside the cab

I like having the headlight harness use standard 5 pin Bosch style relays
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