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Thanks guys for the feedback. I so appreciate you help and wisdom!😘
I think I'm starting to wrap my head around this... almost.
What does H4 mean?
These are the headlights I have now.
SYLVANIA H6024 XtraVision Halogen Sealed Beam Headlight (7" Round) PAR56, (Contains 1 Bulb)
Will a relay harness work with these existing headlights?
Nothing wrong with your sealed beam headlights, generally considered to be a good quality brand and no corrosion issues.

An H4 headlight housing is not sealed, it is open at the back and you can put in an H4 size halogen bulb. Generally considered to be an upgrade as it gives a range of available bulbs etc. Hella are a good brand, but you do not need to change out your Sylvania.

Your problem is that the voltage at your bulb is not battery level i.e. 13,5V when running. Your old wiring, dodgy switches and porr ground path may only be delivering 10.5V. This would reduce output by more than 40%.

Rather than spend money on fancy bulbs, fix the harness. A relay harness will allow battery voltage to be supplied at the bulb and a much better return path to the battery. Only fit one that has a return ground to the battery, do not ground it locally to the grille or fender. You will find your headlights are super bright.

All my Cjs with relays drive fine at night, only one has the original harness and it is guesswork at night. Puthijeep has relays, thick wires, Hella H4 housings and Philips bulbs, brilliant.
1 - 1 of 91 Posts
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