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Hey guys and girls, I started a new job a few months back. i had my 6 month review. everything was great. but my supervisor "challenged" me to get my CCNA certification. the problem is i have been in Telecom for 14 years, w/ very little true networking experience. my supervisor is over the lan/wan guys too, so he wants me to crosstrain and be able to work on the network side. plus our phone system is voip w/ aprox 800 users.

i did take a CCNA class about 3 years ago w/ my other company, but we never used any of the networking. i do have my Net + certification, so i do have a basic understanding of networking. the main thing i need to learn/brush up on is supernetting and all the protocols.

i am looking for a reasonably priced Cisco sim and pratice exam that i can work on at home at night.

any Recomendations?

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