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Price $1
Pros Fairly low gearing mated with the stock dana 300 T-Case and stock axle gears
Its a stock jeep auto
Cons Screams down the highway at 60 thus this trans is hard on fuel mileage
Recommended yes

Comments: My 85 CJ-7 came factory with this transmission. Part of the selling point of this jeep was the auto trans. I am perfectly capable of driving a stick and enjoy it for beating up and down the road, however offroad I dont want to have to worry about shifting gears midway through a mudhole or halfway up a hill. Just personal preferance.

2 concerns I had with this trans were 1. finding parts for a rebuild and 2. its a chrysler which dont have the best reputations
I was able to find the rebuild for it with little trouble and since being rebuilt it has perfomed well... Knock on wood
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