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This page will detail the stock specs of the Jeep Cherokee (XJ) which was produced between 1984 - 2001 in the United States. That is a remarkable 18 year lifespan in which 2,884,172 Jeep Cherokees rolled off the assembly line! Originally designed and built by AMC, Chrysler continued the same design when they bought AMC in 1987. Anyways, the Cherokee was the icon of compact SUVs which led to a market full of those who tried to imitate it. Now the term "SUV" doesn't really mean a rugged vehicle that actually performs off the pavement, but the Cherokee remains one of the best "utility" 4x4s ever made.

On to the specs. The information here should be of some help in identifying what parts came with what year Cherokee. I have made every effort to make sure this information is correct by comparing data from a variety of sources. If you notice any errors or have additional information to contribute, please contact me by PM or e-mail.

The information on this page will be listed in the following order:

Common Design
Transfer Cases
Cooling System
Production Numbers
Trim Levels
Other Resources

Jeep Terms - Sensors/General
(added 3/4/03)
Jeep Terms - Drivetrain/Suspension (added 3/4/03)

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Common Design

All XJs were built as a "Unibody" design with the body and frame rails tied together as one piece as opposed to a body on frame design. All XJs have solid axles front and rear. The suspension is coils/leaf springs. All XJs came with disc/drums brakes.


(small differences may occur depending on optional equipment or trim level)

wheelbase = 101.4"
overall length = 165.3" - 168.8"
overall width = 67.9" - 70.5"
track = 58"
height = 64"
height with roof rack = 66.8"
ground clearance (from differentials) = 7.3" - 8.3"
approach angle = 37.6* - 38*
departure angle = 31* - 32.1*
breakover angle = 21* - 21.9*
curb weight 2wd = 2,891 lbs - 2,993 lbs
curb weight 4wd = 3,057 lbs - 3,386 lbs
cargo capacity = 71.0 cu ft.


The body comes in both 2-door and 4-door styles with a rear hatch (liftgate).

In 94 side-impact beams were added in the doors and roof was strengthened. The 3rd brakelight was added to the top of the liftgate.

In 96 the body structure was strengthened some although it was not noticeable in appearance.

In 97 the body (and interior) was redesigned to freshen it up a bit. Most noticeably it gave the body smoother lines by changing the bumpers, flares, and moldings. The front fender was trimmed just below the headlights and replaced with plastic bumper endcaps that wrap around to the wheel well. The liftgate was also changed from fiberglass to sheet metal in this year. The windshield washer bottle was also moved to the inside of the drivers side front fender.


2.5L I4 carburated - 105 hp @ 5000 rpm, 132 ft lb torque @ 2800 rpm - used in 84-85 models
2.5L I4 TBI (fuel injected) - 117 hp @ 5000 rpm, 135 ftlb @ 3500 rpm - used in 86 and updated in 87-90 to 121hp
2.5L I4 MPI (multi-port injection) - 130 hp @ 5250 rpm, 139 ft lb @ 3250 rpm - used in 91-00

GM 2.8L V6 - 115 hp @ 4800 rpm, 145 ft lb @ 2400 rpm - used in 84-86

Renault 2.1L 4cyl. Turbo Diesel - 85 hp @ 3750 rpm, 132 ft lb @ 2750 rpm - used in 85-87

Italian VM 2.5L Turbo Diesel - 140 hp, 236 ft lb torque - used in overseas XJs

4.0L I6 EFI "Power Tech" - 177 hp @ 4750 rpm, 220 ft lb @ 4000 rpm - used 87-90
4.0L I6 MPI "Power Tech HO" (High Output) - 190 hp @ 4750 rpm, 220 ft lb @ 4,000 rpm - used in 91-95 and updated in 96-01 to 225 ft lb torque @ 3000 rpm (00-01 models use a distributorless ignition system)


Manual Transmissions
T4 & T5 - 4 & 5 speed manual - manufactured by Borg Warner - used 84-86 with 2.5L I4 and 2.8L V6 engines
BA10/5 - 5 speed manual - manufactured by Peugot - used only up to 89
AX5 - 5 speed manual - manufactured by Aisin - used with 2.8L V6 and 87+ with 2.5L I4
AX15 - 5 speed manual - manufactured by Aisin - used with 4.0L I6 engines
NV3550 - 5 speed manual - manufactured by New Venture - used in 00-01 in SE models with 4.0L I6 engines

Automatic Transmissions
Torqueflight 904 - 3 speed automatic - used 84-86 with 2.8L V6 and 2.5L I4 engines
30RH - 3 speed automatic - used with 2.5L I4 engine 94?-00
AW4 - 4 speed automatic, electronically controlled - manufactured by Aisin - used from 87-01 (87-91 models include a Power/Comfort button that adjusts the shift points)

Transfer Cases

The transfer cases used are all chain driven with aluminum housings. NP stands for "New Process" which is the brand, if you will. The newer ones are NV instead which stands for "New Venture". It is the same transfer case just a different name.

NP207 - "Command-Trac" part-time only - 2.61:1 ratio low range - used 84-87
NP231 - "Command-Trac" part-time only - 2.72:1 ratio low range - shift pattern 2H - 4H - N - 4L - used 87-01

NP228/NP229 - "Selec-Trac" - 4Hi(full-time) - N - 4Lo (part-time) - used 84-87
NP242 - "Selec-Trac" part-time OR full-time - 2.72:1 ratio low range - shift pattern 2wd - 4part-time - 4full-time - N - 4LO - used 87-01


Front Driveshaft - On 84-87 XJs (NP207 t-case) the front shaft is a "GKN" style shaft. On 87-01 XJs (NP231/242 t-case) the front is a "double cardan" two-piece driveshaft with a CV joint at the transfer case end.

Rear Driveshaft - The rear is a one-piece shaft with standard u-joints at both ends. The slip yoke is located on the output shaft of the transfer case. On 84-95 models, the yoke slides in and out of the transfer case and is lubricated by the ATF fluid internally. On 96-01 due to a design change, the slip yoke is external (does not slide in and out of the transfer case). This slip yoke is covered with a rubber boot.


Front Axles
Dana 30 high pinion - reverse cut - 27 spline, 1.16" diameter shafts, 7.13" ring gear - used 84-99 (some axles through 91 are vacuum disconnect, 92+ are non-disconnect, 89-95 with ABS have 5-297x u-joints, all 95+ have 5-297x u-joints, all others have 5-260x u-joints)

Dana 30 low pinion - standard cut - 27 spline, 1.16" diameter shafts, 7.13" ring gear, 5-297x u-joints - used 00-01

Rear Axles
(Note on Dana 35 axles sometimes referred to as Dana 35C - The "C" does not stand for c-clip. It stands for "custom" meaning it came from Dana unfinished.)
(Note on 8.25 axles - none of these axles were used on XJs with ABS brakes. If you have ABS, you have the Dana 35. Without ABS you could have either axle. 8.25 axles are c-clip)

Dana 35 non c-clip - 27 spline, 1.18" diameter shafts, 7.58" ring gear, 2.62" axle tube - used 84-89
Dana 35 c-clip - 27 spline, 1.18" diameter shafts, 7.58" ring gear, 2.62" axle tube - used 90-01
Chrysler 8.25 - 27 spline, 1.17" diameter shafts, 8.25" ring gear, 3" axle tube - used 91-96
Chrysler 8.25 - 29 spline, 1.21" diameter shafts, 8.25" ring gear, 3" axle tube - used 97-01
Dana 44 non c-clip - 30 spline, 1.31" diameter shafts, 8.5" ring gear, 2.75" axle tube - used 87-89 on some(not all) XJs equipped with towing package.


3.07 - used with 4.0L engine / manual transmission
3.31 - only available on older (pre87?) 2 door XJs with "Fuel Economy" package
3.55 - used with 4.0L engine / automatic transmission
3.73 - found in some XJs with the towing package
4.10 - used with 2.5L engine usually, and older XJs with the "Off-Highway Vehicle" package.
4.56 - rare but can be found on some older (~ 89 ~) models with 2.5L engine and auto transmission

Cooling Systems

Open style - any normal cooling system used today. Opposite of closed style described below.

Closed style - has no radiator cap and utilizes a pressure bottle. This style cooling system was used in 87-90 XJs.


Drivers side airbag (mechanical) was added in 95.
Passenger side airbag was added in 97. Airbags changed from mechanical to electronic in this year also.

Production Numbers

# of XJs built in given year:

84 - 93,326
85 - 120,328
86 - 107,225
87 - 139,295
88 - 187,136
89 - 207,216
90 - 151,230
91 - 151,578
92 - 137,826
93 - 144,961
94 - 123,391
95 - 120,234
96 - 286,463
97 - 258,958
98 - 182,845
99 - 186,116
00 - 165,590 (Freedom Edition - 2,821)
01 - 120,454

Total = 2,884,172

Trim Levels

84 - Base, Wagoneer, Pioneer, Chief
85 - Base, Wagoneer, Pioneer, Chief, Laredo
86 - Base, Wagoneer, Pioneer, Chief, Laredo
87 - Base, Wagoneer, Pioneer, Chief, Laredo, Limited
88 - Base, Wagoneer, Pioneer, Chief, Laredo, Limited, Sport
89 - Base, Wagoneer, Pioneer, Chief, Laredo, Limited, Sport
90 - Base, Wagoneer, Pioneer, Chief, Laredo, Limited, Sport
91 - Base, Briarwood, Chief, Laredo, Limited, Sport
92 - Base, Briarwood, Chief, Laredo, Limited, Sport
93 - Base, Sport, Country
94 - SE, Sport, Country
95 - SE, Sport, Country
96 - SE, Sport, Country, Classic
97 - SE, Sport, Country
98 - SE, Sport, Classic, Limited
99 - SE, Sport, Classic, Limited
00 - SE, Sport, Classic, Limited, Freedom
01 - Sport, Limited, 60th Anniversary Edition

Other resources:

Factory Service Manuals https://techauthority.gltghosting.c...rHome?storeId=10051&langId=-1&catalogId=10051 or by calling:
1-800-890-4038 (US)
1-800-387-1143 (Canada)

DaimlerChrysler E-Fiche Service Parts Catalog 1981 - 1996
DaimlerChrysler E-Fiche Service Parts Catalog 1997 - 1999
DaimlerChrysler E-Fiche Service Parts Catalog 2000
(links to these online catalogs are no longer valid and have been removed. If anyone knows a correct URL, please PM me)

Special Thanks to these guys who supplied information for this page:

brcomputer, TroyBoyM, glenzx, ageofzeppelin, balloo93, MJR, zappa UK, Amethyst, joeldavid, cbremer, 91XJLimited, SV1CEC, Jeep#4, White-Knight, Scs748, and BBJeepXJ89

Little Red Menace
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Jeep Terms Sensors/general


CCV- Crank Case Ventilation.
CPS- Crank Position Sensor.
MAP- Manifold Absolute Pressure it is a sensor.
NSS- Neutral Safety Switch.
O2- Oxygen sensor.
TPS- Throttle Position Sensor.
TCU- Transmission Control Unit.


Walmart Light Bar- Homemade roof light rack made with the factory roof bar. See FAQ/Tech sticky on XJ page.

BS- Back Spacing, refers to wheel hub in relation to out edge of rim.

BFH - big "F-ing" hammer

Cap and Rotor- Refers to Distributor cap and rotor inside cap.

Cat- Refers to a Catalytic Converter that is located before the muffler on a exhaust system.

Cat-Back Exhaust - aftermarket exhaust replacing everything after the catalytic converter.

Caster - Refers to forward or rearward tilt of the steering knuckle from vertical

COG - center of gravity

Camber - Refers to inward or outward tilt of the wheel relative to the center of the vehicle

Closed Cooling System- This is the cooling system found in older models that has to be "burped" when fluid is added, or "hot spots" will occur in the cooling system as air is trapped in the passages.

Cold air Intake- Term used for a replacement intake system for the TB. Usually consisting of a smoother tube for better air flow in combination with a higher flowing air filter.

DW- Refers to term Death Wobble. Usually violent shaking of front end while driving 30+mph.

EFI- Refers to Electronic Fuel Injection.

FSM - Factory Service Manual

Flex (aka "articulation") - suspension travel usually when one wheel is drooping down and the other wheel on the axle is "stuffed" or pushed up into the wheel-well.

Hack -N-Tap- Rubicon Express "cut and tap" budget SYE kit.

Header- Refers to Exhaust Header. Used to channel exhaust to exhaust pipe.

LHD - left hand drive (steering wheel is on the left)

MPI- Multiport Fuel Injection.

OBDI- First generation On Board Diagnostics engine control computer.

OBDII- Second generation On Board Diagnostics, more complicated, found in 96+ vehicles. Port under steering wheel under dash for Scanner plug in.

OEM- Refers to Original Equipment Manufacturer.

OME- Refers to Old Man Emu, off-road accessory manufacturer.

Open Cooling System- This is the cooling system that is used on new models. It is preferred due to the fact that the cooling system doesn't need to be "burped" after coolant is added.

Open Element Filter- Term used for a cone or cylinder shaped air filter that is not shielded under the hood. These are used in place of the factory air box.

RHD - right hand drive (steering wheel is on the right

TB- Throttle Body

BB- Refers to Budget Boost, Also called a bb. Usually only increases of 1-2" of lift.


Rusty's- Refers to
RE- Refers to
C4X4 - Custom 4x4 Fabrication[ur...R.E. -Refers to [url]

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Jeep Terms Drivetrain/suspension


AW4 - 4 Speed automatic.

AX15 - 5 speed manual.

Chrysler 8.25- The Chrysler rear end with a 8.25 ring diameter.

Command-Trac- NP231 (New Process 231) this TC has the following 2WD 4HI N 4LO. Front shaft not engaged until shifted into 4WD.

CV Joint- Constant Velocity Joint.

D30- refers to a Dana 30.

D35- refers to a earlier factory assembled Dana 35.

D35C- refers to a Dana 35 Custom rear axle, that was pre-assembled before shipped to factory.

D44- refers to a Dana 44 axle.

Diff- this is in reffrence to the differential on the axle. Also called a Pumpkin.

Double Cardan Joint- This is basically a back to back U joint setup that allows for more angles in the drive shaft.

Locker- A traction adder like a LSD, just always on when driving straight. Most will disengage when wheels are turned.

LSD- Limitted Slip Differential is a traction adder that engages power to both rear wheels in cases where both are slipping. Is not always on.

Select-Trac- NP242 (New Process 242) this TC has the following 2WD Fulltime4WD 4HI N 4LO. Front shaft can be engaged all the time in Fulltime 4WD, or disengaged in 2WD.

SYE- Slip Yoke Eliminator.

TC- Transfer Case. This unit engages or disengages the front drive shaft via a shift fork and chain drive.

TC Drop kit- Spacer used to lower TC to reduce Vibration when lift is installed to improve drive shaft angles in relation to the axles.

Trac lock- The factory option Limited Slip Differential.

Ujoint- refers to Universal Joint at the joined ends of the axles (front) and drive shafts (front and rear).

Ujoint front- These are the U joints that are at the end of each of the front axles shafts on the font axle. They are located at the knuckles.

Ujoint rear- This is the Ujoint on the drive shaft.

Wheel Hubs- These are basically the front sealed wheel bearings. They have to be completely replaced because they can't be rebuilt.


AAL - Refers to Add A Leaf, placed in the factory leaf pack to achieve lift.

DPA - Refers to dropped pitman arm

Drag Link - the bar connected to the pitman arm and the passenger side steering knuckle (drivers side knuckle on RHD jeeps)

LCA- lower control arms. These are the arms that attach to the front axle bottom.

Leaf Springs- These are the set of leaf packs on the rear suspension that the axle bolts to.

Pitman Arm- Refers to arm that attaches the Steering box to drag link.

Steering Stabilizer- This units is the small shock on the front suspension that helps buffer the vibration and travel of the front suspension.

Sway Bars- Tubular bars on the front and rear that tie into the axles, that help stabilize vehicle on turns.

Sway Bar Disconnects- these are after-market units that replace the factory sway bar mounts. These are used to release the sway bar much quicker and easier to allow for more articulation offroad.

TRE - tie rod end .

Trac Bar- this is a bar that attaches to the front axle and the body and keeps the front axle from moving side to side and keeps it cenetered.

UCA- upper control arms. These are the arms that attach to the front axle top.

Thanks to EVERYBODY that contributed to this post. This was a group effort by the entire board. They either contributed directly, or indirectly by answering many of my own questions and other questions about most of the terms on these posts.

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transmission gear ratios

manual transmissions:

AX4 - no information (I assume the same as AX5 minus 5th gear)
T4 - 4.02 2.37 1.50 1.00 rev?
T5 - 4.02 2.37 1.50 1.00 0.76 rev?
BA10/5 - 3.99 2.33 1.44 1.00 0.79 rev?
AX5 - 3.93 2.33 1.45 1.00 0.85 4.72(rev)
AX15 - 3.83 2.33 1.44 1.00 0.79 4.22(rev)
NV3550 - 4.01 2.32 1.40 1.00 0.78 3.55(rev)

automatic transmissions

TF904 - 2.45 1.45 1.00 rev?
30RH - 2.74 1.54 1.00 rev?
AW4 - 2.804 1.531 1.000 0.753(OD) 2.393(rev)
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