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just picked up another jeep. this one im keeping!!!

1998 jeep cherokee sport
6 cyl
chrysler 8.25
231 t/c

asap plans

durango steering box - Done
6.5 rough country x series kit - Done
ruff stuff chassis chanel reinforcement (possible)
shackle relocation - Done
toms woods drive shafts - Rear done
sye - Done
35's - Done now 37's with new axles
upgraded steering
swap in a jk d44 rear and jk d30 front
5.13 gears
air lockers
on board air system

thats my quick list of everything going into the jeep asap.

heres a picture of the jeep bringing it home

this will be a well documented build with as many pictures as i can put up.

this jeep is being built to be used and make trips to rausch creek, tar hollow, and other offroad parks. along with reed road near me and all of the open pits around me. and like stated before i will make sure i take pictures.

i honestly cannot say which number jeep this is because i have almost lost track. i will figure out another day how many i have had and post it up. but i know its close to 20 :)

stay tuned for this awesome build!!!!!:cheers2::thumbsup:

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alright i got a little bit done today

Registered and insured so i can use it when its road worthy

but i got some real work done today

swapped out the old tired stock steering box for a nice upgraded durango box

oldbox out

new durango box :)

replaced a bad brake line but we really don't need pictures of that lol

and yesterday morning i picked up a new tailgate since mine is toast
mine is smashed in and the latch is broken

but i found one right around the block from me!!!

the tailgate will go on sometime this week

tomorrow i will be just doing routine maintence
changing the oil
flushing the radiator
bleeding the brakes
filling the power steering
and then checking all the brakes and adjusting the drums.

before you know it the updates will be my orders and installing the lift!!!

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more work got done to the cherokee today

i replaced the tailgate with the nice un-dented one :highfive:




Tomorrow i need to replace the water pump. and then thats gonna be it for the next week.
the reason no work will be getting done on it is because im going to SEMA in Vegas!!!!
i leave on sunday and ill be back saturday!!!!!

im so stoked for SEMA its gonna be a blast!!!:cheers:

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Digging your build so far! What's the benefit of the durango steering gear over the cherokee gear?

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thanks!!!!! box is stronger, gears are numerically bigger i believe for turning. i did alot of research and it seemed like a win win situation. the cherokee box that was in the jeep was toast so it had to be upgraded anyway.

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More info on that durango box? Year what all durango parts you need new holes drilled? And is it 3 or 4 ears? It looks good! That rear hatch makes it look a lot cleaner
doe the durango box its a bolt in box. you re use the same three bolts from you old box, both power steering lines work fine, and you have to re use your pitman arm even if it does come with one. you need a 99 durango 5.2 box. thanks, the jeep is coming along. i don't plan on putting stock flares since im gonna go with armer and metal tube flares built in. today ill be doing the water pump making sure its all mechanically sound before i start ordering parts.

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Today was the day!!!

heres the list of what i ordered

6.5 rough country long arm
steering stabilizer
sye and drive shaft
shackle relocation
Mickey Thompson classic lll - 15x10
Goodyear MTR w/ Kevlar - 4

i can't wait for it to all get here. i plan on putting everything on before thanksgiving!!!

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everything is here!!!!! just need some shop time to put this thing in!

here are the pictures

35 12.5 15 Goodyear MTR w/Kevlar

Mickey Thompson Classic lll 15x10

Mounted and balanced

and the lift kit in the back of the suburban all my pretty brown box's

i didn't order the JKS ACOS, i decided to run just 6.5 for now and im not going to use the lift shackles from the kit im going to use the shackle relocation for the smoother ride and same clearance

whenever i get anything done i will update asap!!!

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here comes the pictures!!!

stock leaf

leaf out

shackle relocation and lift shackle

spring 1

spring 2

o and this is what i do while i wait for my bolts to heat up hahaha

it will be done by the end of the week. lots of stuff going on but i will have it done with more updated photos!!!!

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now my jeeps twin will be about the same size! haha looking good so far.

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Can't wait to see this thing built!! Gonna be better then the purple one! Correct?
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