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Cherokee 2003, clutch hydraulic system faulty

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The clutch slave system is apparently a sealed unit. Can the leaking system not be repaired like any other car? The price of the replacement part is exorbitantly expensive.
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The Cherokee was not made in 2003.
BeachinXJ said:
The Cherokee was not made in 2003.
Thanks, my 2003 Cherokee Sport 2.4L hydraulics now repaired.
This thread made my brain hurt...
lol, besides the thread being miscategorized, and the OP incorrectly labeling his Cherokee as XJ...

He's in South Africa, and has a 2003 KJ Cherokee. Liberty is a US only label as far as I know...all exports are known as Cherokees.

so he's not a complete fool... carry on :drool:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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