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Calling all XJs! (Abandoned, Stock, Built, Rustbuckets)(MJs also welcome)

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Post your XJ/MJ photos here! I'll start us off with this pic of my future XJ (see my first thread).
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It's the only XJ pic that I have at the moment, but I'll get more pics later.
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Old picture of mine but nothing has changed other than it has cooper tires on it now. I bought this jeep from a member on this forum in 2004. It was lifted then with 33s and everything has changed but the lift and the body and interior. 97 with RE 5.5 4.6L Stroker, 4.56s, 8.8, locked F&R etc etc etc blah blah blah. I keep thinking I will sell it because I need the room but I have had a hard time pulling the trigger.
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