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Buying first Wrangler

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Would appreciate some help on buying my first Wrangler ... What to look for in the older TJ 98-2006 as far as rust and problems .... I have found a 2002 with 164,000 miles that is well taken care of but ... it has the 2.5 wit auto trans ... I am 72 years old but afraid it would be under powered even for me (thoughts please) ... How bout going newer 06-17 ... what to look for .. good and bad engines? Do they have a history of frame and body rust? ... We have and have had a 2001 Grand Cherokee's ... is the drive train the same in the Wranglers ... I'm clueless :( ... I appreciate all the help I can get .... I'm leaning towards the older style with the 4.0 or maybe 2.5 with manual ... Thanks