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Butler Trailer/jeep storage

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Hello all, have a question I would like to bounce off everyone. I was at Bantam last year and had a blast, and the whole time I wished my CJ was with me. I've from Chicago and have family in the Wyoming Valley on the eastern side of Penn. It worked out to where I visited family, and stopped at the Bantam fest on my way home.

My question for the board is: If I was to trailer my CJ to Butler, is there anywhere in the area that offers secured storage for a CJ5 with no doors, and a 20 ft car trailer? I would like to stop off leave jeep/trailer in the Butler area, and carry on across the state to visit family. It would roughly be about a week unattended. I have thought about taking the trailer further east with me but their is limited parking as well as additional cost/wear and tear on my tow vehicle/nerves if I bring it with across the state. I met several people while I was in Butler and I completely forgot to ask if there is a decent storage lot in the area. I know I saw a storage garage rental place in Slippery Rock, and have thought about seeing if they would rent a garage for the jeep for a week, but that still leaves the trailer. I'm not looking for hand-outs here, just ideas/ of how to make this happen.

Sorry for the long read.
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I think your plan is great, just need to find the place to make it happen. I don't think it will be too hard. I live in a small town about 1.5 hours south of the Jeep festival, and we have three storage places in our town. They are all fenced and gated to store boats, campers, etc.. outside. They have storage garages ranging from 12" on up. Worst case is trailer stays outside, and Jeep goes into a unit, if none big enough to pull the trailer inside.

Just need to find a place. Look at Google maps for areas near Cooper's Lake. Bigger towns would be better. Slippery Rock, New Castle.. Cranberry is right off the PA Turnpike if you are going that route. A quick Google search for storage units in that town, and some phone calls to see whats available.

You may have to rent it for the entire month, but $50-75 may be worth it instead of towing it across state.

Anything I can do to help you out, let me know.
Thanks for the reply, yeah it looks like thats the way to go. Now just need to do some shopping. To me it would be worth $50 to 75 for the piece of mind of not having to tow it another 4 hours east, and have to try and find a spot to leave it for a week in town close to family. I just need to find one that looks decent, and is fenced, cause knowing my luck, the Jeep would be fine, but my trailer would walk away.

thanks for your input Skiriz


After googling around I found a "Liberty Gait Storage" in Slippery Rock. Not much on the internet about them, the reviews on their website seem decent. They are not a gated place, but it would be possible to rent a unit that may fit jeep on trailer assuming it has a high enough door on their unit.
Most of the larger ones are fenced and gated. Outside, safe storage for boats and campers is good business for them.
Check in Mercer and New Castle too. I know there's a place in Sharon that's fenced but it's also in the ghetto, so that may be why.
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