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Price $426.24
Pros Sturdy, attractive and well fitting. Came with all necessary hardware and the bit for tightening the screws. You will however need to get your own 3/16 drill bit for drilling the mounting screws.
Cons The instructions could have had slightly better pictures, but over all they were good instructions. Download the color instructions from bushwackers website. They are much easy to see than the black and white imagines that come with the product.
Recommended yes

Comments: The first front flare took me several hours to install, as I didn't want to cut away too much of my jeep. The second only took about an hour or less. I'll be installing the rear flares this week. The instructions that com with bushwacker are pretty good, but it seems that they don't have to be followed to the nth degree in order to get the flares mounted properly. I'm hoping that these flares will help solve the issue of water on flooding streets shooting straight up on my windshield and totally blinding me. So far I really like these flares and they feel very sturdy.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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